do you ever street preform with yoyos?


I’ve been wondering, if you are really good, do you ever street perform? Im not saying for the money, I dont care about that. Do you ever just take out a yoyo on the street and perform? Cuz I’ve never seen anybody do that.


Apollo2 does


Lol u do? Are people amazed or are they just like “okay cool…” do you have like a hat for money or do you just do it?


Music, and a box that says “thank you for tips”


Haha, lol do you even make anything? I’ve always wondered how much street prefomers make.




I once needed cab money and stood around for about 45 minutes and made 45 bucks. Took the cab ride home and got my self some fast food. It was a good day. well as good of a day as one could get when needing a ride home but not being able to get one.


Lol I was just yoyoing cause my mom and sister were shopping. Just to entertain myself. Then this dude walks by, and gives me a dollar. Me: O.o


You guys must live in generous neighborhoods!


Well I sometimes throw in or outside of Target… Just for entertainment, not money. Barely anyone even takes a glimpse at me… The best luck Ive had doing this was having a couple stop and watch for a minute or two from a distance then leaves… I do this in hoping I’ll meet another thrower and teach if anyone is really interested but Ive gotten no luck yet… But, it’s Virginia :stuck_out_tongue: not like California or something.l


I would meet you… But im in California… Lol I wanna try it down town sometime and get some food from the money I get :slight_smile:


don’t you need a permit from the city you preform in to do this though?


Southern Cali?


Northern :frowning: haha


Where in North?


That’s only if you’re really serious in making money. I’ve seen people just lay down a cup and do random crap.


That would be me… Lol, if I was serious, what would u say


Some places you do need a permit some places you don’t. You can almost always get away with not using one but the tickets for panhandling tend to be enough to compel you to use a permit.
If there is not a panhandling law in your area you may not need a permit but they may still sell one. In those case’s a lot of the time it kinda reserves a place for you somewhere.


You just go to the city office and ask about permits for performing.


well it would be something I would do in a big city just not in my neighborhood because nobody would donate all the people that were interested in yoyoing around me stopped.