Any Street Performers?

Does anyone on the forum do street performances? I kinda want to start to make some more money to feed my yoyo buying addiction.

I think it’s a good idea. If I was walking down the street and saw you yo-yoing, I’d definitely fork over some cash. It will make you some money, and it may inspire someone too. Go for it! If you do it though, post and let us know how it’s going. I think you’ll do well with it.

As with any street performance really, I think you need to find at least one way to make your performance unique. Just yoyo’ing is great, but people need a reason to stop and watch. For someone that might include some sort of choreographed music tie-in, maybe talking to people and having some funny bit along with the yoyo’ing, just something.

What you don’t want is to just look like a person on the street yoyo’ing. If people know it’s a performance I think they’re much more likely to pay up.

I did this a little while ago and hopefully will again soon it was fun I made $15 in about an hour. Tip: go to a popular park or mall

Some very good content in here. Read up!,46139.0.html

This is how its done

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Thanks for the tips guys, I was thinking of doing it with some friends from the forum. Anyone know if Id need some kind of liscence?

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It depends on where you are different states have different laws google it to be sure

just quoting for mobile users :wink:

Check your local “busking” laws.

I play in public pretty much every day (waiting for trains) but never done it to make money…maybe when I’m better tho haha

This is me throwing at The Stone Roses gig last month with probly 50,000 people there, not all watching me tho lol

I practice in public and got paid 1 complement ;D

I just made another $10 today ;D

David, don’t you date exclude me!!! Lol… You need a permit for Bethesda. Trust me. I’ve checked. You need a vendors license. And to get that you need some other papers, and to get those papers other papers, and it’s weird because technically we are not selling a good… It’s just very annoying and tedious. I think we’re better off just performing when we are on vacation or something so we can just do it once, and leave that place. New audiences every time.

I meant dare not date

Just found out if youre under 16 you dont need it