Street performances


So, a recurring idea that people constantly tell me is that I should do a street performance with yoyos. You know, with a hat for donations and just stand on a corner. I find that it’s an amusing idea and that I’m not good enough yet, but has anyone else had the same experiences with people asking about that? I mean, its been like 15 times in the last month that that’s been brought up.



Yeah. I get that all the time. Never really considered it though, even though I live in a coastal tourist town and would probably do pretty good. My job keeps me too busy though. The closest thing that’s happened to me though is: I was yoyoing in front of Walmart and an old guy walks up and gives me ten bucks and says “watching you with that thing was worth every penny”. Haha, thanks! I bought taco bell, lol.


I’ll start doing it next spring, thought about it but wasn’t good enough, next spring I will be.


My experience is different most of my family thinks i should compete even though i have only been yoyoing for a little more than 8 months.

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I was taking my break, just yoyoin. Some old dude who was in Drive-Thru was watching me through the window and gave me a dollar. He said “Thanks for the entertainment!”

But yeah, I get the “You should do that on a street corner and make money” thing all the time.


I get the “you should do this on the street” all the time too. In fact just the other day I was yo-yoing in front of the Nike outlet store, and two passing cars to slowed down and watch, two people to said that it was amazing, and I got a small crowd including a really interested Dad and his Son. It made me happy to spread the joy of yo-yoing. ;D


I’m actually going to go to schools and do a “show” when I get better. Not so much for the money, but I’m sure I’ll make a hundred or two on the show, but just because it would be a lot of fun. I own a production company and DJ full time so I make a lot more doing that then I would doing this show for schools or street performers but it isn’t a bad idea.

First thing you need to do is see if there are any laws against it, or if they allow it, if you have to have a business license or what. It would be no fun to get arrested or fined and you end up paying more than making. Then you need to find a high traffic area. (Also make sure the spot you are at, if it is not public property, you get permission from whoever owns or managers on duty)

If you get good you can approach talent agencies. With YoYo’ing getting some main stream attention with the reality shows you can tape a routine and see if an agency is willing to book you. I just booked a guy for two homecoming dances I produced and paid $100.00 per show. So, it is possible to make money off it from a performance stand point. Go to youtube and look up street performer yoyo and see what all you can find and try to come up with a routine. You’ll need to find ways of getting people involved. Just watching is great, but if you can get people apart of the show, hands clapping, screaming, cheering, it will be a lot of fun and you could certainly make enough to go to taco bell and the movies :slight_smile:


I should do this. Sound season is dead around here and computer consulting gigs are few and far between.

But, I’m new and I suck, but I’m still having fun. I should put up a sign that says “Need money for yoyo lessons, please donate!”


thats all it matters is havin fun ;D thats a great idea though.


I can almost guarantee that any trick harder than walk the dog will impress most people…


I’d have to say walk to dog is the most impressive trick. Whenever I do a trick that’s impressive to ME, people say “Ah, that’s insane. Can you do walk the dog?!”


How do you approach a school and ask if you can perform?


Show off during lunch or something, gather such an audience that they need croud comtrol, and them they’ll organize a time for you to preform to avoid a mob. worked for me and my friend who juggles. And show off whenever possible, but don’t get your yoyo taken.


Just make sure you check up on your states “busking law”. No need to get into trouble with the law when you can be prepared for a police interruption. It’s happened so…


Thank you!! I’ll try to post how it goes if they let me do a show.


I’ve considered doing this on my college campus as a fundraiser for some charities I’m involved in.


I kind of happened to me i was at school an i started a crowd of girls they alltogethor gave me 5$.


I’m home schooled with my brother so i can’t really perform at my “school”. But the thought of standing on the corner and yoyoing has crossed my mind, though i don’t think i am skilled enough yet. it would be cool to do though.


Being a performer and a business owner, I can attest that on two things. In magic, yes you need to be good because the majority have seen magicians and know what is good and what is not. We are lucky as the yoyo talent has not been nearly as main stream yet. I think it is perfect to start street performances from a talent level stand point. I bet I could come up there and actually make money and do descent in my very limited tricks. If you could do a 30 second combo as a finally and do demonstration of the different types, get a couple of people from the “audience” to join you and show them how to yoyo, you could put a good 10 minute show on for tips without much problem and most everything you do would “wow” them. Even at my limited talent, I have people come to me all the time and are like wow can you do that again? Sure it’s just a “Drop in the bucket” but hey, It impresses!

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Most states will require you to get a license. Though, you don’t always have to be poor to get one.