experience with performing on the street?


Hey I was just wondering what some of your guys’ experience was with yoyoing on the streets in front of people with a hat out or something. I was just wondering if I could make any sort of money doing it because I love yoyoing, but sadly, I need to pay for school, so I thought why not pay for school doing what I love? So how well has it worked for you guys? BTW I wasn’t planning on starting until I had all the master level tricks down, (I’m in the middle of the expert ones right now)

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I’ve thrown out on the street, never for any money though. I’ve gotten a lot of nice people approaching me and it’s generally an enjoyable experience. It feels kinda weird though as you get a lot of eyes on you.

On an unrelated note, I’ve seen some ridiculously terrible street performers over the years. In August I was in Berlin and I saw a guy singing over a backing-track he had on a boomblaster, sitting on the ground under a small bridge. It was almost embarassing, he looked like some sloppy guy who knew that he had a half-decent voice and just sat down to get some easy money. There wasn’t even a chair, you had to look straight down and there were trains passing on the bridge right over him so everything sounded terrible. It was like watching a regular man act like a hobo with paralyzed feet.


yeah Whenever I yoyo in public I always get a decent crowd around me and people are always watching me. plus a bunch of my friends are always saying: “you should perform on the street for money” and stuff like that, so I think maybe I’ll try it when I get a little better.


I usually do at the bus stops while waiting, usually people stare hahaha, one time I was with my girlfriend and she was talking to me I got into a huge tangled mess of string fingers and yoyo needless to say I couldn’t throw anymore until I got home and it was long boring shopping day…

I’ve already said in a couple of threads one of my favorite places is the subway, specially on a moving train for some reason.


anyone else?


I like to do it to spread the joy and I love the feeling when everyone starts staring and saying “thats awsome!” or “dude, that is beast!!!”. I have never done it for money though. Although I think depending on your state you might need to have a liscense.


hmm yeah that’s a thought. I’ll look into whether or not I need a permit or anything here in WA state but I dont think you do, my brother’s played his guitar for money many times and he hasn’t gotten any trouble.


You know how I make moneyz yoyoing? I put on a pair of stilettos and wear a mini skirt while I throw a couple of tricks on a street corner…yeah. “tricks.”

Oh wait…that’s for my other job. :-X

No but for realz. Just get better, possibly bring some type of speakers with you for music, be charismatic, etc… I don’t think you’ll make enough money to pay for school, but perhaps you’ll get some spending cash. Spending cash is always fun.


I was in the city for a competition, and I was just standing with some of my friends doing random things, and some guy came and gave me a dollar. we set up a hat and stuff and I got a crowd pretty quick. Got my string tangled though and they left. Even had 2 guys walk by and say really loudly “Oh man, remember when yoyoing was cool?”

ahhh I gotta try that again.


yeah I think once I get better and maybe have some freestyles of my own under my belt I’ll give it a try. I think it’ll be fun whether I make money or not and who knows? I might convince some people to start throwing which honestly would be better than any monetary gain anyways.