Street Performing

I was thinking about performing on the street or something and trying to get money but I am clueless on the subject. Are there any rules? Does it work? Any advice would be appreciated.

Generally it is accepted, you will get heckled at, and people will laugh at you, but there are also nice people who will smile and think it’s cool, they might even talk to you. I wouldn’t expect to get to much money though

In most places you will need a permit. Especially if cops think you are actually making money off it.

Ive started throwing in front of Target once a week for the past 2 weeks and Im planning to keep doing that… Im not doing it for money or anything, so would that be ok? Im pretty surebit is. :stuck_out_tongue: just throwing for people to watch, enjoy, and spread the yoyoing love. I bring 2 yoyos, one for advanced play like my MN or DM2 and my ONE with a slim bearing(I also carry a C bearing in a very small bag) to teach if anyone is interested in learning. Haven’t taught anyone yet but I have talked to 2-3 people briefly about yoyoing and Ive gotten quite a few interestd eyes on me as well… But most people just go by unimpressed :confused:

You’re safe as long as you’re not making money/tips. Once you throw down a hat and people start tossin cash in it is when you need a permit.

I would recommend looking into your cities policies and certifications of street busking.
Searching “(city) Busking laws” will get you good results.
Some cities are more strict than others…Some will not care at all who does what and where, while others ban it altogether.

Be safe, have fun, know the laws of the city.



Where I used to live in Cincinnati Ohio you were required to have a license but where I live now (Iowa City) there are no requirements you can just go out and busk no problemo so I guess it varies from city to city.