Street performing

Does anyone know a thing or 2 about Street performing?(Busking) I would really like to, but I have no clue about licenses to perform. Help me out?

Different cities have different local ordinances. Go to your local PD and ask what the ordinance is on busking. Locally (where I live), you need a $25 license that lasts a year. They do it to manage busking since downtown is busy here and it makes sense if you want to make money.

I suggest you Google “Busking” along with the name of the state where you want to perform.  You can research a lot of great information on your own.  I searched for my state and found an interesting article.  I’m not interested in street performing, but it was a good read.

Also, if you have very specific questions, you can always PM Mr. Yodel (John Higby).  He’s the best in the business, very nice, and knowledgeable.

Good luck with it.  Let us know how it goes.

Thanks a bunch! Just headed to city hall and found out how it is all gonna work. I should be able to start soon!

Nice. Gotta do something so you can buy more yoyo’s :smiley:

I don’t know what the laws are in your city, but in mine, you would actually be encouraged to do that. I honestly don’t know why, but it is. You can make a fortune just yoyoing out on the street.

Thanks everyone! I had a successful first day making $53! Finally get to buy a Yoyofficer Orbis!

That’s pretty good! What style did you do and how long were you out there for? I’ve thought about giving it a shot, but I’m only decent at 1A which I would assume doesn’t attract as much attention as something like 2A.

Agreed with above, about how long did you do this?
One day = basically free yoyo! Congrats! ^.^

Might have to try this at downtown davidson

Great job on the $53. It looks like there are a lot of great tips/advice on the thread. I’ve used the following technique when busking.

Starter Cash

People tend to walk by an empty hat. If no one has given you a tip while busking it is easy for them to pass by without dropping any change. Starter cash is a few of your own coins or a dollar placed in the bottom of the hat before you start entertaining the crowd. I’ve found that starter cash gives the audience the right idea to start tipping.

If you don’t mind me asking, when you perform, do you interact with the audience during your performance? Or do you just set some music up and go for it?

You are supposed to put music on?

I interact with the audience and most of the time without any music. When busking I’ll try and build up a crowd before performing any routines. I’ll sometimes work on something that shows up from a distance like one handed shoot the moon continuous reps and wait for people to notice. If you are busking in a new location or city it is important to check the laws and also make sure you don’t end up busking in someone else’s established busking area. If I’m traveling I’ll also spend a little time learning about the area.

Wow! :o Congratulations on your first day. Just think of all the possibilities. I heard good things about the Orbis. I need one too!

Thanks for all the support! I throw 1A and I try to focus on the more impressive tricks for the uneducated audience. (Hiroyuki Combos, Eli Hops Etc) I also threw to some music that is familiar to the majority of the audience. If you are looking to try it, interact with the audience as much as possible!

How many hours ?

I was out there for about 6. But made the majority in the morning during the farmers market. So I know when to now😉


Another successful day! $60 In a matter of 5 hrs.