public yoyoing

hey guys, so this summer i want to go down to the waterfront in my city where a lot of people go to and yoyo. The reason is i want to spread the hobby of yoyoing and make a few extra bucks. I heard that to go do that you need to have a permit is this true?

thanks in advance ;D

here is one thing dont do it in the air port. like put a hat down and yoyo so people can put money in. you will get arrested. something like that. dont know if you need a permit. but my dad told me a little secret. if you want to get money by yoyoing but some of your money in it. so people think other people put money in it. kinda cool huh???!!! i made like 5 bucks at a garadge sale. not many people came near my friends house. so yeah dont do it on anyones property without permission. i dont know a really good place to do it in. maybe a park??? not sure. hope this helped

no i do not believe you need a permit. if your going to the waterfront do it on the beach maybe? somewhere public at least. and do a lot of walk the dogs and rock the babies cause people know what they are :slight_smile:

it depends on where you live. some places you do, and others you don’t. you could probably look it up, or ask a town hall or a place like that. it’s called like a street performer permit or something.
people love eli hops too. :wink:

Well you don’t need one but you could get a police officer mad at you and if you get a real jerk he might give you a ticket or take you away, but I kind of doubt it. Like SilverMan said just get permission from the person who owns the property you will be doing it on.

thanks for the help guys, im going to the harbour waterfront so its owned by the city, also im only 13 so i dont think ill be taken away :wink:
but thanks everyone who contributed ;D

No problem man. :slight_smile:

FYI it’s called a Busking Permit.

Well, only about 5% of the people who panhandle actually have a permit. So I don’t think street performing without a permit will really get you in that much trouble.

I street perform. Without a permit, you dont perform. I have had officers tell me to quit mid-show. We did talk them into allowing us to finish, but I recommend getting licensed and everything.

Also, when you perform, make sure to smile, make eye contact, and in general have fun. Nobody wants to see someone do extremely technical tricks with a serious look on their face. You want to look more approachable and friendly.

Oh, and as said before, put a bit of cash and coins in the hat you will use to put money in.

I made 30 bucks on a cruise i put some money in my hat and stood by the casino.


i made 18$ on a board walk in ocean city maryland 8)

you’re welcome

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