There are so many good yoyos on the market: how do YOU know when its just right ;)

When you know- you know

But how do you know :thinking:


Usually the yoyo fits your playstyle and plays just as you want it, floaty, powerful, etc. And when your playing with it the feel of it is just so perfect and the binds are so good that you just know!


when i own other yo-yos but only go back to that one specific yo-yo


Is it green?



For me, the yoyo just clicks very well with me and from the get go I immediately like it. It doesn’t happen often as for some reason I don’t have the honeymoon phase that a lot of people have. If I don’t like it immediately, I probably won’t like it even after playing with it for a few weeks. I just have a “this is it” epiphany sort of thing, which happened for the hummingbird.


I Told my cousin before I married my Ex Wife “When you know, You know.”


You don’t know. hahaha


If a (new) yoyo feels good in the hand and makes me go “Oh, wow!” on the very first throw, making it through my standard little routine without drifting off plane and returning with a tight, snappy bind in the end, then I know.

To make me go “Oh, wow!” a yoyo has to hit the end of the string on a strong sleeper throw with an emphatic stop, and then spin straight and true without any vibe. None of that sliding-down-the-string-and-landing-softly thing that a lot of yoyos do.


Might be a cop-out answer, but for me I don’t think any of them feel “just right” in a “if you know you know” kind of way. I like different things in different yoyos, and I have a bunch of favorites that are nothing alike. If I’m feeling like throwing a comfortable chill throw, I’ve got a few options that are great. If I want to throw something that feels more performance-oriented, I’ve got some Vs and some bi-metals that fit the bill. Everything on my shelf has a use, and many of my favorites are totally different from each other.

Idk. Maybe it’s not that none of them feel “just right, if you know you know” like I said at first. Maybe it’s that there are many “just rights” and there isn’t a single common thread between them all.

Of course, your mileage may vary, I’m jot trying to discount anyone else’s experience. Just for me, I can’t think of anything that a yoyo MUST HAVE to be my favorite.


For me, it is specs, shape and looks. Sometimes brand as well, but mostly first three in that order.

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i tend to research my yoyos a lot. i’m not necessarily a ‘specs’ guy, but there are a lot of features i’m
looking for - or will be looking for if i’m
stepping outside my comfort zone.

i’ve picked up dozens of yoyos i thought i’d like and ended up back on the bst the next day. i’ve moved countless yoyos i liked, but didn’t fill a void that something else did (the life is a perfect example of that yoyo). and some yoyos just belong to someone else.

it’s trial and error, you really gotta feel out what YOU’RE about… are you a spec guy? are you a feel guy? are you a ‘just one look’ kinda guy?


One of the reasons I don’t sell or trade very many yoyos from my collection, even those I rarely, if ever, play, is because I’m still new enough to this that my tastes and desires are likely to evolve and change over time. I don’t want to be without the yoyos in my collection that might fit those future needs perfectly.


educated guesses.

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The ones that give me a big smile while doing my first combo with it


Just curious, related to this post: do a lot of you tend to prefer one shape over the others, or do you play with a variety? I know some people tend to prefer V more than organics, for example. I ask because I like a variety, and I wonder if that affects the answer to this question. To me, specs and shape hardly matter at all generally speaking, which makes it really hard to me to pin down a certain je ne sais quoi that will tell me “this yoyo is The One™”


I see a lot of “honeymoon phases” around here.
Its just so hard when there are so many to choose from and so many new yoyos coming out

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I love organics but I also love a nice variety. Shape doesn’t matter if I connect with it and it feels good in the hand

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I’m going for one or two of different shapes and sizes and colors. It needs to be something I don’t have.


Well, unless you try every single yo-yo available on Earth today, even if you have one that seems ‘just right’, you have no way of knowing if the next 157 yo-yos you try might feel ‘even more right’:nerd_face:.

Let’s say you post up a question<> What is the Best yo-yo you have’? And a guy replies, ‘My Skyva’.
….And you pm the guy and ask him, ‘How many yo-yos do you have’? And he responds, ‘1’.

One Great advantage some yo-yo enthusiasts have, is having a Yo-yo Club or yo-yo meetings in their area. If it’s a pretty friendly group, people may spend a few hours trying others’ yo-yos out. What a great way to scale down the number of hours you spend on the internet, staring at yo-yos and comparing specs.

We are all as close as the internet, but many yoers live in towns where NOBODY yo-yos. No-body…
They can’t try Beans. They can only guess and wonder and see what others speak highly of.

Seems to me that a very high percentage of people spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for that ‘Miracle for me’ yoyo. And an extraordinarily small amount of time actually throwing and evaluating the yo-yo or yo-yos they already have.

I’ve talked to people that have a yo-yo for 1 day and want to sell or trade it ‘because it doesn’t feel right’.

You ever get a New pair of boots? 1 day wearing them is too short to tell how they are actually work out… You have to break em in a bit.

Some people narrow their wants for no specifically logical reason. They don’t like V shaped yo-yos.So they will not buy V shaped yo-yos. They had one a long time ago and didn’t really like it…. So that shape is Dead.

Or they want any yo-yo they can get…… as long as it comes in an Organic shape.

Before you decide what is ‘just right’, you have to play enough variety, to recognize any certain yo-yo is ‘just right’.

….Now, that being said, I would say you know when a yo-yo is ‘just right’, when you decide to buy a few more of the same model in different color ways.

It’s very easy to answer your ‘question’.

It’s a lot more complicated giving an accurate answer if you haven’t had the opportunity to compare what you think is ‘just right’ to All the other yo-yos that might even be more’ just right’ or ‘not right enough’.(If you only had the chance to try them).



I don’t have a preferred shape but tend to like organic and oversized among the others. Still I love slimlines and performance shapes as well. I like almost every yoyo I own. I just have one or two yoyos I don’t like but I’m not selling them as I’m sure I’ll like them one day.


I think every yoyo I own feels just right when I eventually pair it with the right string. Yoyos I was apathetic about felt awesome when I found the right string for it. In fact, they sometimes feels like an exciting new yoyo.