Anyone Know how to pick a yoyo without trying it?

Well I’ve had a lot of problems with picking a throw because I’ve never really tried any throws other than the ones I own because I don’t know anybody else that throw :-[ and I was just wondering how you think I should go about picking a throw.

If I like the looks or the look of the shape, I buy it. If I like the color, I buy it. If I like the price, I buy it. If I like the specs, I buy it. Hasn’t steered me wrong so far.


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Or any combination of each.

I wish I had the money the get one everytime I like one but I’m buying a new throw tommorw and I’ll then have to wait until April maybe later to get another one :-X

You really can’t pick a bad yoyo right now. Every yoyo released within the past few years is going to be great. Just look at the specs to make sure you know what size it is.

Read reviews.

If I like the size, shape, and colourway I’ll get it.


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Just echoing what everyone else said. I also find it’s hard to go wrong with well-loved yoyos in terms of play… it may not be to your personal style, but you know you’re not getting a bad throw. Like the Capless. Everyone was acclaiming it as a stellar throw, with the low price being an “I can’t believe this is the cost” bonus. Bought a Capless and love it.

Other than that… just go for something that seems interesting. It’s not likely to suck.

Hmmm now to choose between an AC and a Chief…

BOTH!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Admittedly, I tend to pick any throw that starts with a “CL” and ends with a “YW.” I know that’s not going to be everyone’s thing. So, that said…

If it’s manufactured by One Drop, and is anywhere near the specs you’re comfortable with…you’ll like it. One Drop, some CLYW, GSquared, Eternal Throws, etc. That said…I would have missed out on a few great throws if I only picked stuff in the 55mm/43mm/67g sweet spot I tend to like. I spend as much time with my Cliff and Gnarwhal as anything.

So, er…yeah. So, just pretty much anything manufactured by One Drop. Something pretty. ;D


Those have been pretty much my criteria over the years. It’s worked out fairly well. Only had a couple I didn’t care for and I traded those away.

I feel like a vast majority of the throws out these days will leave you happy with your decision. Very rarely have I bought a yoyo that I hated/didn’t care too much for, and I traded/sold those away.

Go with your gut. If it feels right then get it.

AC all the way.

I read the reviews, ask guys in this forum, and mostly what yoyospirit said

If you are looking into CLYW’s, herers a run down of what i’ve found about em (keep in mind this is my personal opinion and everyone will have different tastes/preferences )

Chief and AC are my top 2 faves out of all the CLYW’s… apart from the baby gnarwhal (for a smaller throw)

puffin = very floaty (a bit too much for my tastes)
avalanche = pretty solid, but too hollow feeling, missing something
cliff = awkward shape in the hand, very edgy curves/shape, surprisingly light for it’s looks
chief = perfectly balanced, just right
arctic circle = perfect floaty, smooth, awesome!
gnarwhal = best undersized throw!

There’s a secret algorithm/formula, tried and true, that you plug in weight (x), diameter (y), width (z). It then takes the number generated from the formula and places it as the coefficient of the type of Aluminum used (you just use the number… like 6061, 7075, or whatever… Titanium/plastic/etc doesn’t work).

This will leave you with a very special number. It’s usually defined as “L”. This number will fall somewhere on this crazy color grid which basically tells you whether the yoyo is good or not. There’s a lot of controversy as to what color is the best though, most people argue Purple.

This sounds really complicated, but it’s pretty easy… and the OG’s have distributed a program that does the work for you, you just enter the numbers. Rumor has it only a few living throwers possess knowledge of the exact formula. Some argue that it’s all fake; as in the program contains an illegitimate algorithm. There’s been a lot of hush hush talk about this.

Don’t message me for the program, I will not share it with you! Manufacturers have done a lot of work to cover this up and keep it hidden so nobody can easily create the perfect yoyo. This would put an end to the further (slow) innovation of yoyo technology… and thus their profits. Besides, it’s almost to the “pinnacle” of “L” anyway.

You can’t go wrong.

“Errythang Purple”


Read reviews, watch them on YouTube, watch videos on how it plays. I you like everything about it but you just don’t know, risk it. You can put it on the BST if you REALLY hate it…