How to find the right yoyo for you

How did you find yours? i need tips

Make a bunch of pointless threads asking people to list yoyos until jhb asks you to stop.


I try out a bunch of yoyos and I find what I like from it like weight, shape, and material. So basically after that I search for those things in my next Yoyo and it usually fits me.


  1. price
  2. looks
  3. reviews
  4. buy

if reviews are bad, go back to step 2


you kind of get a feel for what specs you like after trying various shapes and sizes. go off that.

you seem to have owned a few of the most favored throws in the community. Which one do you like best? Find yoyo’s with similar specs/shapes.

Or try new stuff.

Or go to a club meet or contest and try out people’s yoyo’s.