how to find the yoyo your looking for.

Well, i see so many different threads about, witch yo-yo should i get, and is the yo-yo any good, and would this yo-yo fit my preferences, (witch I’ve done pretty recently :-[) so i have made this thread to help you find the yo-yo that’s perfect for you.

Step 1: Finding the the right company
Something that I’m always trying to do, is look for a new company to try.
Right know I’m wanting to try somethings from the YYF metals, and some CLYW stuff.
One thing that I’ve found is that metals from different company’s play more different than metals from the same company (superstar and 888x will play more similar than superstar and addiction) and that’s why it’s so important to find the company you like best, so try as many different company’s as you can!

Step 2: Finding your preferences
If you’ve ever written a i “witch yo-yo thread”, you’ve probably seen some asking about your preferences. What they mean is simply what do you like in a yo-yo. One good way to find your preferences is to take from a yo-yo you already have, what you like and don’t like. For instance, i love the way my Dv888 plays, but i don’t like the shape, i thought that i might like a more rounded shape so i did some searching and found the hatrick. The hatricks shape is totally round, and i thought, “well, I’m looking to try a rounder yo-yo”, so i purchased a hatrick, and come to find out, i love the round shape and know that’s one of my preferences. So know when I’m trying to decide between two familiar shapes, i always go for the more rounded one. But i always make sure to try shapes that I’ve never tried before to find my favorite shape for certain. But shape isn’t the only preference, theirs so many different ones, like, size, feel, play, color, types of tricks, and many more, so make sure to try everything so you can find what works best for you.

Step 3: Deciding what you want the yo-yo to be for
When ever I’m looking for a new yo-yo i have to decide what I’m using the yo-yo for. (competition, for fun, new main throw, etc) for instance for fun I’m going to get a BIG DEAL, but for my new main throw I’m gonna pickup an 888x. But above all, have FUN!! trying to decide for your new throw should be fun, and remember, you’ll like what ever you get.