Lookin to try something new. Heres what I do own....


I find that a wide selection of yoyos is a great way to advance. Sometimes I even pick up my hyper raider and play around with it for quite a while. I just like to switch it up a lot. I’m looking for something completly different and new.

Heres what I do own…
YYF Skyline ( so far… my favorite)
YYF G5 ( diameter too big, Width is perfect)
YYF 888
YYF Superstar (a little too big for my preference)

What yoyo that is different than all the others would you recommend me to try. I was thinkin either…
Crucial Cream
YYF Boss
One Drop Project 2
YYF Frantic
YYF Hectic

Any recommendations are appreciated. I prefer a small to mid size yoyo. Open to any shape, or wieght. Need a change!!


I would say, personally, to stay away from the Frantic. It’s just weird feeling… too light and doesn’t feel that great to me. If you like that shape though I would go with the C13.

I have been into Werrd lately. Just got a TFL the other day, and I can’t put that thing down.

Project 2 is also a very nice throw. Definitely fun!

Good luck on your decision!


I would say the P2 or Cream.

Why limit yourself to just one company with some much good stuff out there currently.


Yeah. There’s many good companies out there. You could go with a OneDrop, or going with any YYJ plastic or metal rimmed yoyo would be good. You don’t need to only have metals. In fact, if you can do the same tricks on a plastic, it shows you’re even better.


Agreed. Both amazing yoyos.


If you’re looking for a completely different shape, I’d recommend the Catch 13. But trying out something like the P2 sounds also nice. Broadening your yo-yo brands with help your yo-yo palate.


I agree with a P2 or Cream ^^ If you want something really interesting that’s around your size preference, see if you can find a Noctu! A Flying V or Skyy Chaser might interest you also ^^ Honestly I’d say your collection is pretty narrow at the moment. I’d definitely recommend trying out some other producers. There are so many great yoyos out there that all feel very different from one another.


the cream would be different for u cause its delrin and i think the skyy chacer sounds good too

(JonasK) #9

You could try a SKYY Chaser, a CUT, a Pyro (light)… anything really.

You should definitely expand your taste in brands though. Your yoyos seem pretty limited to YYF.


I think you should wait for the Big Brother Titty Twister. You guy’s have no idea how awesome this yoyo is. The axle system is well above awesome. The axle actually centers the bearing so its perfect. The axle is also the matador spike as well.

Also the shape is just about the most perfect shape in the business. (IMO)

They are at the machine shop right now and all they need is anno. Best yoyo ever so far.


Yea my first yoyo was a One Drop M1. Then I picked up an 888 and loved it. Got rid of the M1s and started collecting strictly YYF yoyos. I was gonna stick to it, but I recently decided to expand my variety. I think the Cream would be my best bet. All delrin, sounds awesome.

I never heard of it. Any Idea when its coming out?


i read a review, it basicly said that it was the god of all yoyos, but i didnt write the review