Time to Vote! O0

Good luck to all those that entered!

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OMG! This is gonna be so cool. I’m definitely in!

Me too, Cant wait to bust out my moves!

I’ll try for sure, this’ll be fun!

One question; Can we cut the string before doing our freestyle? I don’t know about anyone else here, but Duncan string is a bit longer than I would want it.

Ahh, has to be new and fresh from the pack… :’(

I already have an imperial but it’s been opened already. Oh well… :-\

I’ll let people who can actually go to a store and buy an imperial take this one, because I can’t.

yea on the webaite it says you can change the string which i think is the same as cutting

You can change your string, just make sure to have at least one minute of play with the Imperial.

I really feel bad for some people who can’t. Sorry Pheenix!

If you paypal me whatever shipping is from FL, USA to you I will buy the Imperial for you!

Edit: That came out wrong, I meant I will buy the Imperial as a gift. You just have to pay the shipping, lol.

Edit v2: How much is it to ship from YYE? I just looked and it was around forty american dollars to ship from FL to Norway, insane!

Great, now I need an Imperial! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes my dad may take me to the toy stor to get one :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ll pay like 36 dollars shipping on my next order. That’s for express though. Letter mail will get under 10 dollars, but will take like 3 weeks to get here. Priority mail is 20 dollars for anything under a certain weight. Priority flat rate is 13 dollars for everything you can stuff in the box.

Addment: I don’t have pay pal. It hasn’t caught on in Norway yet.

Dang, I guess that’s understandable for the distance. You could just mail it if you wanted, but I think the contest would be over by the time it got back to you, lol.

I guess you want some Norwegian money?

Haha, that wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m not going to send anything though. The state is only paying for my rent, food and clothing. And I just ordered something more precious than an Imperial.

O.O did you order your Cut already?

The Contest is still going and we only have 1 entry!
Quite the prize pool we have here

Best entry voted on by You wins the whole kit and kabootle.
Get your entries in by the end of October

Awesome! I hope I can get to it this weekend, or maybe even tonight!