The yoyo Graveyard


This topic is an tribute to all the yoyo’s that have fallen over the years.
My first trick yoyo the YYF ONE Mateusz Ganc edition I broke made me think about all my broken yoyos.
I still use the center track bearing in my throw to this day.

Anyone who has a broken yoyo feel free to give them a shout out.


My 1 of 1 Modded DV888

Its rare and is fixable just haven’t gotten around do doing it.

And how can your ONE have broken?

I have a old version YYF ONE that works fine. I had 2
Ganc editions.


1 of 15 pre pro raw majesty.


How do you people break unbreakable yoyos??

A ONE, can only be broken if you chop it up (mine is half shaved lol) or smash the bearing seat…

Majesty? Re tap?

(M.DeV1) #5

Blue speed beetle I broke into pieces and threw at people during one of my schools assemblies.


Yeah. That hurt. Ill get back at you…

(M.DeV1) #7

Your innards were salvaged to beefcake a FHZ.


YYF Velocity.


I wish.


I meant the parts you threw at me in school when I was 8…


Dang. Your rough… How did it happen? Just a ding or a hard hit?


Triple post :-\

My DM2 but I put it back together today… (Supah glû!)


I fell on it, left a horseshoe shaped bruise on my but.


Ouch. But funny hahah…

Not the yoyo tho :-\


My YYF ONE was a victim of a drunken bonfire, but the bearing still works fine.
I know I have a burnt up bearing, but I lost my ceramic in the yard, so I have to run what I brung.


My dm2 broke after almost 2 reluctant years D:


My poor victor gravistsky protostar


My Paul Han Onestar :’(


I haven’t broken any yoyos, that I know of, yet. I did lose my blue Ann WHiP. It was my first unresponsive, and I miss it even though I now have a new pink one.

Ouch. I am pretty sure that the stock bearing from my mosquito is still somewhere in my front lawn.


Never broke any, but I used to throw a while ago, before unresponsive. I had a Metallic Missile and a Chain Reactor. They both have gone missing :confused: