Yoyos are not indistructable :'(

Hey all, stay with me and read this so that you guys don’t have to go thru what I did.

So I was going to a scout camping trip and grabbed a spare string and my raw majesty, it was my go to throw for the past week. The day went on very well going from one scout skill to another, when we came to the obstacle course I did not even think of the majesty in my pocket until I fell on it in a potato sack race it hurt so much! It felt like I fell on a rock, after walking back to the starting point and checking my yoyo I was shocked to find the yoyo bent into a V. I opened it up expecting a bent axle or something fixable. But instead I got a broken inner wall, I have posted a picture below. When doing physical activities do your self a favor and set your yoyo down next to your water bottle or hand it off to a friend.


Pictures. :’( /// :’(

Wow. RIP

There are few things worse than finding one of your favorite yoyos damages beyond repair.

Last year I accidentally stripped by #9. It was a very sad moment, but I did learn some valuable lessons regarding proper yoyo care.

One half is not really damaged so Ernie is going to put a b grade on the other side. crosses his fingers

Moral of the story… don’t participate in potato sack races… they’re eeeeevvvvviiiiiiillllllllll

To be fair ::slight_smile: I was trying to do this whilst spinning In a circle.


I did this before when practicing jumping over picture tricks. Tripped on the string in midair and my foot landed right on the yoyo, bending the bearing seat in just like yours :’(

What yoyo?

It was gold and very small, I traded somebody my Bassalope for it at worlds 2011, and it had some chinese engravings along the rims. I might be able to find it later

You might be able to find someone to do a hub replacement lol

Hub replacement, sounds like a skin draft. :stuck_out_tongue:

Throw it in the Gutter & Go Buy Another

I wish I could buy another 2nd run raw tumbled pre pro majesty! but I am not made of money. :frowning:

Ouch, that sucks man! Hope the B-grade works.

that’s a bummner.
Judging by the damage to the yoyo, how big was the bruise?

Bigger than the yoyo, like a big horseshoe, still hurts.

This just came on while i was reading this thread

And how does that make you feel…

Ouch. My condolences.