The Rap/Hip Hop Thread.


I’ve noticed a lot of people here like Rap and Hip Hop (Including me! I’m a huge fan!) , so I figured I would make a thread about it. Feel free to discuss anything relating to Rap and Hip Hop.

For any of you guys who haven’t heard of E Dubble, go look him up now. His music is great. Some of my favorites of his are “Board Game” and “Cycle of Nightmares”. Check those out. He’s really a great artist. I’ve also noticed his songs are great to throw to!


U guys heard yeezus?

Blood on the leaves is slightly disturbing

Lenching shiver


I like Fast Rap.

Twisted Insane, Techn9ne, Twista, Busta Rhymes.



My current favorites:

  1. Otherside by macklemore
  2. Wing$ by macklemore
  3. Knoch Knock by Mac Miller
  4. Stop with the chatter by rizzle kicks
  5. Starting over by Macklemore
  6. Mercy by tons of people
  7. The real Slim shady ( ah, the days )
  8. Demolition Man by Rizzle Kicks
  9. N***** in paris by Kanye West and Jay Z
  10. Jesus Walks By Kanye West


Check out Timeflies.


MF Doom. Kanye. Jay-Z. Binary Star. A$AP Rocky… I can’t think of them all…

(Owen) #7

Magna Charta and the Holy Grail is sposed to be good. I think thats what its called anyways, Rap isnt my thing.


Tech N9ne.

That is all.


Used to listen to every single mainstream rapper. Ive kinda moved on now.
Edit: WU-TANG!


I got Magna Carta Holy Grail early, and it’s very good. I really like Oceans. If you like faster rap, listen to Ballin by Logic. It’s pretty good if you’re into the whole rappers bragging about how rich they are thing.

And Apollo, I also love Jesus Walks. It’s really a great song.

(Amplified) #11

I like Lupe Fiasco, Macklemore, Kanye West (early career). Occasionally I’ll try some OFWGKTA. Some of their stuff is too out there though.


A rap song I need to re record, I did actually make the beat on a psp but my mike sux so try to ignore towards the end it gets loud.

(NotATyrant) #13

Chance The Rapper, nuff said…

(SlimJoe) #14

dis be my thread man


You sir know what is up, MF doom is just steez.

Currently im listeing too

Kanye, Joey Bada**, Bone-thugs-n-harmony, Getting into biggie mixtapes, Logic, The underachievers, Mac Miller and SchoolBoy Q

(2Sick Joey) #16

LOGIC!!! #rattpack

Go do yourselves all the favor and go listen all his stuff!

(M.DeV1) #17

Fughees guys.


Odd Future and Logic if I ever do listen to hip hop/rap.


Yo, I’m down with Joey bad, Chance the rapper, Logic, and Hoodie Allen. I’m surprised no one mentioned Hoodie yet.
MF Doom is where it’s at. He produced a lot of Joey Bada**'s mixtape, 1999.
Logic is probably my favorite artist right now, his newest tape, Welcome to forever, still blows my mind.

EDIT: I completely forgot about Kendrick Lamar.