The Official - CLYW News

(Steve Brown) #1161

Thanks! We’re excited to have a whole new set of options. Just for the record, since people keep asking, the “standard” CLYW colorways aren’t going anywhere. We’re adding MORE to the mix, not getting rid of anything. :slight_smile:


I’m sure someone has asked this, but where’s the maple drips?

(Steve Brown) #1163

Haven’t been able to find anyone who can do them consistently in the quantities we need. Still trying, though.


When is yoyoexpert going to get the wooly marmot and gnarwhal back in stock?

(Erik Kerber ) #1165

those are both discontinued…


The gnarwhal 2 will eventually be back, but the check the BST for marmots.


This sounds cool

(DS) #1168

clyw yoyos are awesome…love my bonfire


New plastic yoyo, looks pretty cool!


There are some pictures up on the CLYW store for the Big Dipper and Blizzard.


Have they released any Big Dippers yet? Looking pretty cool… :o

If they’re out… Where can I get one Uncle Steve? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :-[


Steve said Big dippers are supposed to release by the end of this month hopefully.


The Big Dipper definitely interests me. The Blizzard is meh.


When will we have a release date on the Big Dipper ?


I just hope than when released there are enough Big Dippers available for ALL interested buyers to obtain one.


That’s unrealistic. They have no way of predicting that 3000 people (for example) would want one, so if they made 1500 of them, they’re still short.

All they can do is make a wackload and then make another run if they sell out.

Word has it that they’ve made a tonne of them, so your odds are probably pretty good.


The new yeti looks super sweet by the way! If this is too much to say I’ll take it down :slight_smile:


When will it release?! I know that people from CLYW look at this sooooo it would be great to know at least something like “it will release in the next two weeks”. I mean, come on…y’all gotta have some info lol


That’s good to hear! I’ve definitely missed a lot of opportunities to pick up new CLYW releases so I am looking forward to having a better chance at obtaining one of these.


If you’re asking about the Big Dipper - Soon.

If you’re asking about anything else - A little later than soon.