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So the scout released but I still don’t see the Big Dipper, how much longer till they release it? (I am so excited to get my first clyw)

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Just found this today. @

“will the big dippers release date be announced soon”


Haven’t been around for awhile. Is The Blizzard CLYW’s first venture into a bimetal then? It looks dope.


Yes, it is.


Per Zach’s instagram and Yoyonews the Big Dipper is set to release on February 18th, which is a week from today!

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they will also be dropping along side a new batch of borialis.


Anything new about The Big Dipper?

I just saw the notice.


Two posts up sir, two posts up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, if you ever make a remodel of the Big Dipper in the future, you could call it the Double Dipper. :smiley: Oh that was so bad.


So I understood that the Big Dipper was made in China because that’s who does the best plastic injection molding. I thought metal production was moving back to Canada from the USA.

Please do not take offense to this, but why do I see that the Blizzard is machined in China?

Is CLYW moving all production to China? Why are we paying made in USA/Canada prices for something made in China? I don’t claim to know production cost, but it seems high to me.

What happened to the amazing ano that we are used to?

EDIT: OK, so I just read where Chris said plastics, bi-metals, and budget throws would be made in China to cut costs. Just so you know there are a lot of people who would pay extra to see the throws made in Canada/USA.


I am pretty sure that the laws of physics preclude bi-metal yo-yo’s being produced in North America. I think it has something to do with the impending flipping of the magnetic poles… or something like that.


Why? It’s the same thing, isn’t it?


People are nationalist/patriotic. That’s all. It gives people the warm fuzzies to support their own country, and I’m cool with that. I get it. I’m not LIKE that, but I get it.


Okay, I think I get it.


for me it definitely isn’t patriotism. It’s experience, having many made in China metals get one ding and not play the same, over and over, does make it hard to view them as the same quality.
However I’ve also had many good playing, durable Chinese made products, which is why I continue to buy them.

People who don’t like stuff that’s made in China because of the fact it’s simply made in China is ridiculous.

That being said knowing the Blizzard is made in China is not a deterrent to buying one, and I’d love to get one some day!!

I just don’t think it’s fair to say people don’t like Chinese made stuff because of nationalities and borders! I know I get more excited when I hear something is made in the US only because I’ve very few poor experiences with yoyo’s made here! :slight_smile: Mostly talking about durability!

I love new balance and the made in the USA and UK stuff is always more sought after (to people who live all over the world), due to quality! This type of thing (China vs US) crosses over into many other hobbies. Yeah yoyo’s aren’t sneakers, but I think the comparison is relevant!


You can have poor quality or great quality coming from anywhere, though. You said it yourself. :wink: So when you hear that a yoyo is made in China, there’s no logical reason to assume it will be low quality. However, we’re fairly indoctrinated in Canada and the US (and probably elsewhere) to jump to that conclusion.

I have owned some of those cheap, easily-dinged yoyos you speak of. But I don’t think of it as “bah, made in China!” but rather, “this particular yoyo was designed to be sold on the cheap-cheap, so I’m not surprised by the sub-par alloy and ano.”

I have to say (and I’m sure there are exceptions) that by and large most of the “made in the USA” advocates I know of are doing it out of patriotism. It’s patriotism on on two fronts: one, just supporting their nation’s economy, straight-up; and two (the more insidious one), the indoctrination that what’s made in their country is of inherently better quality. Which we know isn’t logical even if anecdotally that’s been their experience. They’re both forms of patriotism related more to borders than anything.

The counter to my entire line of thinking is simple, though, so I’ll even hand it over: If every Made in China yoyos is of inferior quality to every Made in USA yoyo, my point doesn’t stand. But since we know that’s not the case, I’m confident that it stands. :slight_smile:


Saying that people only buy USA stuff because of patriotism when that isn’t the case is a lot like saying every made in china yoyo is of lesser quality, in my eyes! We are all guilty of generalizing too much every now and then.

I’m gonna leave it with this. I’ve been yo-yoing (in a few months) 10 years. I’m decent. I’ve also had hundreds of throws. More than enough experience to think I have a pretty good idea as to know what I’m talking about.

I’ve owned more than a couple models that are made both in the USA and in China, and the USA made throw has always held up better. Every time, not just some of the time. I can’t wrap my brain around the idea of that being a coincidence.

I think having an option for 50 dollar metals (made in China) is the best thing going in yo-yoing right now. I simply can’t dive into the fact that people are now saying it’s the same quality. Quality and play are two different things to me. They all play the same!

I’ve run into very few (none I could name) Chinese made throws that can take 4-5 dings and stay the same as it was when I bought it. Which is a lot to ask. However I’ve run into way too many USA throws that can do this to think they are of equal quality.

Because of the price difference you’ll never see me get upset that people are getting stuff made in China. If they were charging identical prices I’d be a lot more vocal about it.

I had to speak up when I saw you tell someone that’s why people only like USA stuff, because here I am, someone who likes made in the USA stuff for a totally different reason!

I really mean no offense I just feel like more than one opinion to the subject should be taken into consideration! I’m sure you can agree.


I feel what you’re saying. It’s just not my experience. :wink:

I have felt that feel of the “cheaper” Chinese-made yoyos. One of my budget YYF that I love dearly just seems to be a ding magnet. On the other hand, I have had YYFs that were made in China and feel absolutely supreme in quality. So I haven’t had the “every single one” feeling.

The next-most dinged/scratchy yoyo I have is a Made in the USA model. And it has also gone vibey, despite those dings being nothing too serious (it just dinged easily… no major crazy impacts).

So I have counter-examples from both sides! And while my breadth of experience doesn’t match yours (only 3 years and less than 200 different yoyos), finding counter-examples within that smaller timeframe is probably even MORE indicative (rather than less) that it’s a non-starter to claim that all Made in China is inferior to all Made in USA. :wink:

Before this escapes me: my mentioning patriotism was meant to be supportive, not insulting. You’re getting annoyed at what was meant to be the friendly part of what I was saying. :wink: But I still stand by it despite it being a generalization (as you correctly point out!!)… “Made in the USA is better than Made in China” is a patriotic statement, pure and simple. There’s no way around that. Doesn’t mean it’s all “Rah rah USA, my country rules and yours sucks!” but there’s a perceived value associated with the USA that does not come from fact. It is therefore patriotic! I don’t fault people for their sentiments or their patriotism. There’s no crime in loving your country.


I need to play more premium made in China throws as apposed the oodles of budget ones I have more experience with.