CLYW Comeback Avalanche

Super fast. “Floaty.”
One of the colourways.

Here are the rest:

Additional hype for this.
Won the Black Bip Bop version at Canadian Nationals.

What is that gray one? I must know!

Is that your puffin as well, Nick? I liked it when I tried it. Definitely looking forward to it.

OMG! That Ava colorway is perfect!

Excited for the Puffin too! :slight_smile:

another new CLYW :o WOW Chris is pumping out yoyo’s like a mad man. Looks nice though…

I gotta start selling stuff quickly… That’s awesome

Shoot, I’ve been on vacation for a while and I come back to this. Can someone explain what’s going on? What is this puffin that everyone speaks of? a new throw? a color way? I must know!

Pallis new throw, coming soon! :slight_smile:

So dank!

it is exquisitely dank indeed.

Yep, both the grey and the bbb are my Puffins.
I will have to let go of the bbb one to cover my Nationals trip expenses.

Puffins are sweet. I played one at Worlds and was impressed.


That avalanche colorway really gets me goin’!

I’m really excited about the new Avalanches. I need to save a lot of money so I can get one of these, a Deadly Spins Wrath, and a 3yo3 Ai5

I’ll post a group picture of all the colours sometime today.

Pics up.

Those look AWESOME!!!

The black one in the top left corner and the clarview station (i think thats what the blue and gold one is called) look really really good

I think I could die happy if I could just touch one.

Btw, any specs on the Puffin? Specifically, the diameter? Please tell me its 54 or under? I might cry.

That one is the black and green acidwash. Northern Lights colourway.