(almost) ALL CLYW!! Summit, Puffin, Avalanche, AC, Cliff


Sooooo I love all these yoyos but it’s time they have a new home.

Prices are BEST OFFER. Almost definitely not into trades unless you have some rare$)
I will DEFINITELY send more pics if you’re interested.
PM me but please be patient as I am usually slow to check my messages.

CLYW Nickel Plated Summit

CLYW Summit (best playing summit I’ve used)

CLYW Puffin

CLYWBear VS Man 2 (Has some dings & weird anno marks)

CLYW Avalanche (Brown w Purple Splash, haven’t seen this color way anywhere else)

CLYW Arctic Circle

CLYW Cliff

Duncan Stryx

Duncan Echo


What color way is the Puffin?


how much are the ac and the bvm2?

(system) #4