BST--> LF *BLACK/yellow DYNAMO* F/ts CLYW, C3, CRUCIAL, yyf, WEERD w/$prices

Okay so I am looking to trade or you can buy, but warning my prices may not be what you wanna pay because I value my yoyos highly.
The yoyos with X’s are gone and the ones with lines over are high priced or are going to be hard to trade for.


Clyw- PUFFIN*, canvas, chief, peak, article circle, cliff, anything.

SPYY- BLACK AND YELLOW DYNAMO!!!****, other dynamos

Weerd- FRUITURE!, minute, other stuff

One drop - CASCADE!!***, rally!!!, other shizzz


Yyf- northstar, shaqlerstar, protostar

Duncan- Baracuda!!!*** and flipsides

Whatever else. Square wheels??
I’ll accept any offers!

All !!!*** means I want it most.

I also have a red summit $85 and a black shutter not pictured $35

Row 1.
Clareview avalanche - $135
Mischief chief - $165
Clareview Artic circle - $150

Row 2.
Harrison hurrigayne Glacier express - $95
Saskatoon berry Cliff - $130
Red and acid H5Xchief - $125
Crime scene Cascade - $150

Row 3.
White Trigger $20
Tmbr Fremont - $20
Black and blue Classic $12

Row 4.
Black yeah 3 - $35
Purp Hour original one - $50
Black and teal A la mode - $70

Row 5.
Grey Alpha crash $20
Beat black Super G - $45
Orange and brown Og punchline - $130
Black, orange and purple halloweener Custom anodized avant garde proto type - $175