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maiderade is amazing, probably going to have to buy a 2nd puffin 2.


same but 1st puffin 2

(Steve Brown) #1143

Congratulations to Zach Gormley, the new 1A US National Champion!!!

Congrats to Andrew Maider on an AWESOME 4th Place!

Video for both is up already at YoYoNews. I’ll have all the rest of the videos up for all divisions in the next couple of days.

(Steve Brown) #1144

New Adam Brewster video!


Brew! Sweet!

(Steve Brown) #1146

Heads up, CLYW owner Chris Mikulin will be answering your questions all weekend on our page!

Head over and start leaving questions for him now:

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Happy Halloween!

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Throw your antlers up on Instagram and win prizes from CLYW!

CLYW Antler Contest on Instagram

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CLYW x One Drop - 7 Summits


So with the Advance Scout coming out soon, will the tweaked specs of the final Scout design be released afterwards? I’m trying to decide which one I might like better.

(Steve Brown) #1151

We won’t have the full final specs for the full production Scout until those get through production. We have estimated specs right now based off CAD and ano estimates, but it’s always really hard to tell until we get through all the finishing processes.


Ok, thanks! I think if it’s close to the advance scout’s weight, then I’ll be happy either way. A smidge heavier would be nice, though :wink:
Really looking forward to this one.


So you guys are sponsoring Utah States? Will you have a booth?




in the place


Oh… right… duh


I didn’t grab one of the new Avalanches, because I’ve had to lock my wallet up tight after recent purchases. But, I have to say, that whomever your new anodizer is, did crazy good work on those. Hopefully you continue using them, as I really want something in a few of those new colorways eventually!

(Erik Kerber ) #1158

The place where they keep the poutine stuff




Wanted to give another big thumbs up on the new anodizer. It was torture waiting for those last couple Power Ups to sell.