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^^ ;D

(Steve Brown) #1122

Details coming soon… Working on some changes at Petr’s request.


Any Bonfires soon?


I’ve been seeing the “Scout” talked about. What exactly is it? Any photos of prototypes? Everyone I see mention it seems really excited about it, but other than that I haven’t seen any info about it.


Well that would ruin the suspense! I think a few people played the proto at worlds, but for the most part the details are still a mystery. I am excited to see the final product, though.

(Steve Brown) #1126

We aren’t releasing photos of The Scout until the next round of prototypes. Sorry. But I can say that it’s kind of a mish-mosh of features from The Chief and the Bonfire…and it plays really nice!

Puffin 2 is being anodized right now, and Bonfire is being machined.


I’m glad someone is keeping us up to date on the forums for CLYW. Great job. Thanks.

(Erik Kerber ) #1128

Yea its nice having Steve on here keeping us informed


Anyone know anything about restocks on The Chief?
Particularly Mischief color edition?


I don’t think there will be a chief restock for at least 3 months probably longer though


It wouldn’t be too hard to find one on the BST.


Thanks for the updates Steve. I’m begging for ashberry Bonfires this run! :wink:


I am getting excited for the Narwhal 2. They seem pretty rare nowadays. I think that it would be cool to have CLYW make kites.


^^^When will there be more Gnarwhal 2s. Its almost been a year since the last run.


Puffin 2 being ano, bonfire being machined, then gnar 2 is next

(Steve Brown) #1136

New run of Puffin 2 is coming soon…and we’re really excited about Andrew Maider’s new colorway, Maiderade.

Check out the box art that Jason Week put together for us…so good!

(Steve Brown) #1137



Just got done watching that…pretty awesome!


Holy Balls, that video had so many crazy trick elements to it.


That gyroscopic finger spin was amazing. I’m watching and thinking, “is he gonna just let that spin off his…DID HE REALLY JUST DO THAT???”