The Official - CLYW News


at Chris just posted that more Yetis are on the way.

just thought some folks who hadn’t seen it would like to know.


Ahh yeahh
I saw that in morning
I already got all my yetis from BST.
Ohh well il buy brand new ones


I’m so ready for there to be more samsqaunches :U


That would be an awesome name for a Sasquatch sequel. :smiley:


Right!? Especially if it was the Jensen Kimmitt edition hahaha, I feel like he’d enjoy that.


I hope the Bonfire gets stocked soon again. I want one of those badly.


It’s the next one. Probably a week or two. They’ve been teasing it on their Instagram all week.



I’m wanting to see the Gnar 2 restocked


Any news about which colours are being done for the Bonfire restock?


So far they’ve teased hulk smash, northern lights, and solid black. Don’t think they’ve teased all the colors yet.



Thanks. Hope they continue with the Fire Blizzard (mainly red and orange, with just a little bit of the yellow/good tinge)!


Follow their Instagram. That’s where they teased all the puffin 2s and where they’re teasing the bonfires now.



Thanks - will do!


Dear lord. That Hulk Smash and Northern Lights!


Hoping for a hulk smash. Don’t have anything in that colorway yet.



Yeah that will be the one I shoot for as well, more than likely.


I really hope that CLYW will tease us more on the Sasquatch… and another run of: Summit, Wooly Marmot 2, Arctic Circle 2, Avalanche, Puffin 2, Chief, Bonfire, Bear vs Man 2… you get the point.


New Summits are pretty consistently produced, One Drop handles those.

The Sasquatch comes out tonight, FYI. 10pm Eastern.

The others will all go into rotation again over time, some more often than others depending on popularity. Should see Chiefs soon, I asked them about a month ago if they were scheduled and they said in a couple of months. =)


Yeah, I am gonna pass these sasquatch this time. I got a NL Bonfire. I will get something in their next run.


Scout scout scout!!???!!!