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I just started looking into clyw yoyos and I noticed that all the online stores have virtually none in stock. I was wondering why this is. I hear that they are produced in runs. Does this mean that every one in a while clyw will bombard the market with a limited quantity of yoyos and then once those are gone everyone has to wait a few months for new ones? (If this is true, what is the average waiting time in between runs?) Also how do they decide which colorways to produce? Do they generally produce a few black bip bops with every run? Thanks for the help!


They only make The Black Bip Bop colorway with the 1st run. Only 10 are made for each yoyo. Each run takes awhile but it is well worth the wait. Some of their yoyos they have stopped producing though.


Yea, what you have to remember is that CLYW (and many other yoyo companies) are only small operations.
They make each side but then lube and tune each yoyo by hand. If they are not happy with a run then they won’t release them (and that’s why you get fools gold’s).
All of this takes a lot of time but in the end it’s normally worth the wait.

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Yea they are definatly worth the wait. :smiley:


Does anyone know when the next run is coming out?


Next run of…?

Which YoYo did you want by them? I believe the puffin 2 is next for a restock.


Number of Bip Bops produced varies.


Do they produce a few of each yoyo they sell in a run? I’m guessing by your answer they don’t. I guess I’m most interested in figuring out when the next run of chiefs will be, does anyone know when that will be?


Prolly never
or maybe after they release 2nd run of wooly marmont 2
who knows
its always a surprise :slight_smile:


Are you saying they will never produce another run of chiefs? Why?

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'Twas a joke.


There really is no way for us to know that. Given that the last run was only 5 colorways and about 2 months ago, I would say we are looking at a couple months still. But I may be totally wrong in that expectation.


its always possible they could run a new batch…
it depends how much the CLyDUB crew wants to run another or
make a new yo :smiley:


Chiefs are probably low priority considering a bazillion have been made already unlike there newer models.


Yep so now its time for a new yo :slight_smile:


Hahaha thanks for clarifying, I can dish out sarcasm in spades but I never learned how to take it. Also thanks for all the replies, really enjoying the community here. :slight_smile:


Why is that? Sorry if I’m being thick :frowning:


Bekuz they already completed a few batches
in most likely gets boring making the same yo
so they make different batches
Every now n then


Time for some more Bonfires methinks!