The Official - CLYW News



although what does that mean for the yoyoz that are still listed at yoyo expert? will those yo yos ever be restocked there?




So u are saying there will be a restock of the chief and the cliff sometime in the future?? If that’s true awesome!

thanks for your help


Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder, some people might have been confused with the post on YoYoNews … Chris is not quitting he is just going back to work full time and will have people helping him out.

Charles will be doing the day to day social media, website and team management stuff.

Production will still be going smoothly and we’ll be returning back to wholesale at YoYoExpert.

This allows Chris to focus on what he loves to do: design new yoyos, and spend time with his family.

Here’s a list of what’s in store over the next few weeks:

A new run of the Chief
2nd run of the Bonfire
2nd run of the Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition

Plus we’ll be working on ordering more return tops, like the: Puffin 2, Gnarwhal 2, Sasquatch and Avalanche.

So ya don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. This change is going to be awesome and will keep YoYoExpert stocked and allow me to have a life. Direct sales was a good thing and was necessary to help pay off some bills (making a plastic is spendy), but in the end I took on too much work myself and burnt out hard. I’ve realized that I need to ask for help and that I need to simplify my life.

Thanks for your continued support over the years everyone! You’re amazing!



7075 chiefs??? Please!!


I heard that there is going to be marmot 2 so excited


I’m glad to see things go back to the way they were, everyone was happy and yoyos were easily accessible in the states.


Now that CLYW is back on yye, will there be some snap backs for sale in the near future?


CLYW hasn’t made snap backs in a long time.


My bad. I meant 5 panels.


Then yes. Please make more of those black 5-Panels.


Will the Cliff ever be made again?


I spoke to chris on facebook and he said there will be a restock of 5 panels by may-ish.


does anyone know when the next run of yetis will be?


Does anyone know how they chose their colors?


I do not believe it will be made again. On Petr’s bio page they say they are working in a new signature for him.


I believe the yeti is no longer being produced. May be wrong, but I’m not sure.

(Owen) #1078

If this is true I might wanna cave on buying an overpriced Yeti simply for the investment value…


I haven’t seen them with crazy high prices lately. You should be able to find them for a reasonable price.


I wonder if Chuck has a forum account. Maybe he could keep us posted here too.