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East coast for me as well, and mine haven’t arrived yet :frowning:

(CaribouNick) #1042

Up to 14 business days in most parts, and as fast as 2 from the day he shipped.

Canada Post is strange.


Strange and sometimes awful. Trust us on this one. :wink:


I have noticed this as well. I got a tracking number for my package and arrived on the 5th after saying it was going to arrive on the 2nd. Also it hit US Customs on Nov. 28 and then nothing until it landed on my door step in Ohio.

To all my Canadian friends, don’t think you corner the market on strange post offices. The US has its goofy issues as well.


Mine took about 3-4 business days to cali


Got mine today. Not sure how i feel about it. It is also purple.


I’ll take it if you don’t want it. We should talk. :slight_smile:


Haha, I live half an hour away from clyw headquarters and it took them 2 weeks to get my avalanche to me.


It’s been about 13 business days since I made the order. Hopefully the package will get here on monday.


Shipping came fairly quickly to Texas. Experiencing some technical difficulties with the Yeti’s bearing and spacers though.


I sent you another PM.

Post Redacted.


My Yetis came.

So good. Love 'em to bits.


The Bonfires look amazing!


I know XD I’m really stuck between getting an Argonaut or a Bonfire.


I hope everyone at CLYW had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!

I’m glad I got my order in for a Grey Yeti. I’m very excited to try it.


This may be out of place, but how long does it take for clyw to respond to a message off their contact page? I fear I may of used an incorrect email-address haha



I just read somewhere CLYW will not be selling throws through YYE, YYBB, or anywhere else but CLYW’s store.

Is this true? (Sorry I might be a little late to the party.)

Also does this mean future restocks are not coming to these sights?



They will be selling all of their 2014 line through their website for the time being. They may go back to retailers at some point.


I got you… well what ever works to keep them making good yoyos.


On Twitter.

@ecIat we’re going to be shipping the BvM2’s to stores. Puffin 2’s will be first and will be sold direct. BvM2’s prob in a few weeks.