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A couple people, a couple instruments… add maple syrup and beavers. Canadian Rock!


Same here XD I’m making a collab with a secret person, and one for this. They’re going too look essentially the same for my end other than the setting lol


yes canadian rock :slight_smile: \m/



Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Canadians right there.

(Erik Kerber ) #1025

Confuzzled! Thats a really funny word Ill have to start using it




ever heard of rush? :wink:


Will YYE be getting any more Yeti’s? If so, release date?


I’ll be sure to follow up my sarcastic posts with [/sarcasm] from now on.


Are there pictures of the Bonfire anywhere around? Just curious, because I haven’t seen any. It’s really caught my interest, so I was wondering if there’s anything to see yet.


There was one on Instagram. Sorry I don’t have the link. Looks just like a Campfire.


Alright. I’ll see if I can find it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Here you go!

(Erik Kerber ) #1034

Those look Nice!


Those look just fantastic! Especially the red with the white splash… Wow. :smiley:


When can we expect to see Yeti restocks? What colors can we expect? Really hoping to see more gray or black soon.


Caribouchris how long does it take if I bout a yeti when they first came out (like a week and a half ago) to get to the east coast of the United States? Longest wait Eva for a yoyo


It’s been just over a week since they were shipped, chill.

Avg shipping time between Canada and the U.S. is somewhere around 10 days.


i am chill. Just wondering. And thanks! That’s the answer I needed!


I’m on the east coast also and got my Yeti yesterday so I’m sure you have yours atm :wink: