The Official - CLYW News


1000th post :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get an AC2!


1001st post!!! I got to see yoyo brothers bass guitar case filled with clyw yoyos at GA states and WOW! what a collection I think he had over 160 clyw in that thing


What a great video.

What Boyd said was beautiful. :smiley:


When do the bonfires go on sale?


Is there like a place where there is info on the bonfire


I would like to get the details (price release date etc) on the yeti and bonfire yoyos. Hopefully someone knows and can let me know where I can find that.


CLYW Video Contest just announced.  Checkout the link for full details on how to enter!


So when is everything coming out, can we get a rough time estimate of the Yeti and the AC2 and the Bonfire?


Sorry no dates set yet. Once we’re ready we’ll announce it.


One combo/trick?


No if you read all it says is one minute. I think the goal is to be creative with camera work and the theme while showing off your skills.


That’s why I was confuzzled.


1 minute time limit. Do all the tricks you want :slight_smile:


I’d like to thank you for being so generous with this contest and sponsoring such an awesome competition! Thank you!


Well, I guess this is my motivation to get off my butt and make another video…


Lol. This is just another video on my pile… I have a collab video, a Yeti one throw and now this.


Fun contest :slight_smile:


^ That was awesome!! :smiley:


Way to go, Trinity! Nice use of Canadian rock music. Tragically Hip!


Wait, there’s Canadian rock music now?