The "i just smached my face with a metal" thread!

Okay so this thread is for all you people who have"SMASHED YOUR FACE WITH A YOYO"…
on my first month of yoyoing i was trying to do eli hops and thats a really bad idea so of course it hit me and it broke my nose… awsome right.

Glownasty in the dark doing really fast braintwister and hit myself in the eye… Lucky for me no black eye.

I’ve also hit myself with my Dv888 in the mouth… Not fun…

Similar story, when I was beginning to yoyo, braintwister with a freehand zero. First try, and guess what, I smashed the underside of my chin. Biiigg black and blue for days. Didn’t try that trick again for weeks. ;D

5 stitches on the bridge of my nose. Long story.

I was playing with Jensen Kimmit’s über long string with my popstar, and the brand new string broke, and my POPstar flew at my foot, fracturing it. I have never used that string again.

You know that string is used for Jensen kimmitts style of play he invented, tourniquette?

Never heard of “smaching”
Thus, I wont say anything.

hi hit my self in the temple and now i have a big green/red cut

Wow that sounds painful.

I dislocated my knee on stage while yoyoing.

Wont has an apostrophe in it.

You need to be perfect if you’re going to point out people’s mistakes. ::slight_smile:


gave my self a black-eye trying to learn horizontal with a yuuksta

Trying to learn the sleeper with a dollar store yoyo. Got really mad when it onlly slept for one second and threw it down really hard… Bad idea. The yoyo came back up hard and hit me in the face… Fun fun.

Hmmm… I find it odd that you’d leave it out yourself… :smiley:

Now we mustn’t be hypocrites.

(P.S. I don’t claim to be any good at grammar/spelling.)

Moving right along has anyone hit their hip right on the bone?

Using a responsive metal yoyo=bad idea. Hit myself multiple times in the face with my pocket pro zombie…

You guys or gals must really like hurting yourself…haha

It’s all worth it… Well for the most part. C=

I left it out on purpose because that’s how he wrote it…duh. If I said, “Won’t has an apostrophe in it” then I wouldn’t be quoting the exact word he had written. Get it? ::slight_smile:

Ah but remember, Im allowed to make mistakes cause Im actually legit.

no your not