The guitar player's thread

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So, let’s talk guitar. I’m currently playing an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Squire Affinity Strat through a Line 6 Spider III 15w amp.


I love guitars. For electric I play a epiphone dot through a Marshall mg special 30fx And for acoustic a takamine g124 both converted to left handed because for some reason left handed guitars are more expensive to get.


Cool thread…

I play a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue through a Carr Raleigh amp (3 Watts all tube so its loud)… It has the size and tone I have been looking for for almost 20 years… Just love it!!

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Anybody wanna buy a B52 Amp Stack and an Epiphone SG?


Godin LG with P90s or Cort Pagelli through… some piece of crap Marshall MG30 or (more often) a Line6 TonePort and my KRK Rokit 5’s.

I do want a tube amp (H&K has a sweet new low-wattage amp), but I’m not a tube purist, so the Line6 modelling stuff works well enough for me. :slight_smile:

Acoustically, a pre-Fender Guild… D-25 I believe? Uses a carved back instead of back bracing, which is pretty nifty.

On another topic… who hates the low quality of “tabs” and “chord charts” found out there on teh internet? Harmony Central is littered with absolutely lousy transcriptions. The worst of the worst. I still go there sometimes to get started on learning a song, but most of the time I throw in the towel because it is just terrible.

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Heh, I can’t stand the Line 6 Modeling in my amp. It just sounds plain awful. That’s why I’m trying to get my zoom pedal working again. I did, however, play a 335 through a better Line 6 and when I put it on a preset, it was surprisingly close to the 2112 tone.


Yes, you do not want any modeling to go through any “guitar amp”. Playing through the studio monitors works because by design the monitors are meant to NOT add any additional tone or colour.

As soon as you put models through a guitar amp, you’re colouring a colour which will probably (though not necessarily!) sound bad.

Also depends line and models. They have 3 generations now; mine is 2nd generation; logically, the first generation isn’t likely to sound quite as good. And within those, some models are better than others. I absolutely do not at all enjoy their “diamond plate” (ie. Dual Rectifier) model. It is a turd. And there are others that kinda suck as well.


Yeah it’s a pain but there is a website that is typically good. It’s called they have some good tabs

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Yeah, I find stuff there and will change it sometimes, What’s the fun in sounding exactly like the album?


Currently Running my Vinci and Ibanez SA with a Digitech Grunge Distortion pedal, Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal, DOD Yngwie Signature Overdrive pedal, and my Marshall MG 10 amplifier. Loving my setup with my Epiphone Les Paul Junior too…I may get another pedal for Christmas or Hanukkah. I hope I do.


I’m also currently learning to play some Motley Crue right now, I love Dr. Feelgood and Shout at the Devil '97.

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Heh, I need to get some pedals and fix my Zoom…


I used samedaymusic for my pedals and guitar stuff, Since My Guitar Center is kind of far, and Why waste the gas, when shipping and waiting a few days gets me exactly what I want…I usually use GC to test them out…Depends on my mood. I really need a more Crunch Style Distortion, Like Anthrax or Exodus style sound…I love thrash metal, so I want a closer sound to them. Any Suggestions on a decent Distortion pedal that can do such?


I dont really have many pedals. I’m asking for a wah and a distortion for Christmas but i just mainly change the setting on my amp.

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Yeah, same.


I like strumming my acoustic…


My mom does too…Except she is a hardcore, Play Classical and Renaissance style music lady…She also plays Simon and Garfunkel…She scares me.

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Haha. I probably need an acoustic, but I can’t find one I like.


My mom just plays them in the store, until she finds one that calls her, so to speak…It has to sound right to her, And she doesn’t care for price, she buys it. That’s how she got her old one, and her “recent” one.

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Try this tuning, it’s worth the 5 minutes it takes to re-tune.


It’s fun, you can do some seriously cool things with it. It’s a combination of Drop D and Open G.