My Ongoing Guitar Project - Completed Guitar on Page 5!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been posting less and less on the forums. This is due to High School, guitar, my Eagle Scout Project and a few other important things in my life. While my post count may dwindle, I assure you that my throw count will not. I just don’t have as much time to spend on internet forums anymore.

This brings up the main topic of this thread, guitars. See, a few months ago, I started a band. Ever since then, my interest in guitars has increased tenfold. As I’ve always enjoyed building the things that I use, especially out of wood (I quite enjoy woodworking) the idea of building a guitar has taken me from the very beginning.

Just over 2 years ago, right after I purchased my Les Paul, I finally had a design that I liked. It combined my favorite features on the Les Paul, as well as the Stratocaster. It also had a nice shape that made it my own. I have multiple sketches of this guitar, nearly finalized, that show a wide variety of options.

Recently, in an effort to prepare for building a guitar from scratch, I bought a kit guitar. It includes everything you need for the guitar, minus assembly. You also have to finish it. I will try to get daily updates on how far I am into this project once I get it. Hopefully, It shouldn’t take long.

Long live the yoyo,

cool, man!
Trust me, We’ve noticed you posting less.Come back!
And grats on the band! make a video for us!

This should be really cool to watch! Can’t wait to see it once it’s done as well as hear your band!

I’ll try to get a good recording of my band. We don’t practice much as of yet, but were almost done with an original. I’ll try to post more, but as I explained, I can’t really. I’ll make sure to get High-Quality photo’s of it at every step of the process.

Very cool, WildCat23. I keep thinking of building a guitar…but have yet to get around to it. My workshop is pretty up to speck for it…but my skills are not. (Story of my life.) A kit sounds like the perfect way to start. Did you get it from stew-mac? I’m going to order one of the violin kits for my daughter in the next year or so, hopefully.

Keep us up to date with build pictures. I’d be very interested in seeing it.

Rock on,

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Actually, I got it from I practiced finishing on a piece of maple before I even ordered my kit. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!

Should get here Wednesday or Thursday. Woot Woot Would have been here sooner if it wasn’t for Sandy…

I looked over the website. They all look pretty slick. Which model did you go with?


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It’s their Tele style kit with a nut upgrade.

please don’t tell me you will sell your yo-yos for a new guitar or bass or whatever

Why? Would me selling part of my collection concern you? Not that I’m going to, but I may sell a few unused throws. Also, you can make money through a band by playing gigs. Yoyo’s, it’s just for fun.

I can’t wait for the update. It seems like a very challenging project, even with a kit. If it turns out well, it will be so rewarding. If you complete the project, I bet you will will never stop making them. You’ll want to try all kinds of possibilities. I love guitars too!

Well here’s the update. I sanded the whole body with 100 grit sandpaper and then sprayed it with sanding sealer.

I apologize for the bad quality in some of them. I didn’t have a camera with me and was forced to use my phone. As for never stopping building guitars, that’s the plan.

This thread is so cool! Thanks for including us on this project so we all have the opportunity to watch your progress as you work on your guitar. Of course when you finish this instrument we are going to request you play a little something for us on your creation.

Good luck, it’s looks like you are off to a great start!

:o I agree. Looking good so far, and it even looks silky smooth in the pictures. Seems like you have a nice area to work in too. I love looking at workshops too. I like seeing the different setups of work areas. If you get organized, post a cool pic of it for us to see. Good job.

Thanks guys! Yeah, my dad’s workshop in our basement is nice to work in when not cluttered. :smiley: I’ve already done more sanding sealer and moved on to filling the holes. Pics to come.

cool! Looking snazzy.

Some pics after filling the grain.

I again apologize for the bad quality pictures my cell phone takes.

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The edges look nice and smooth