Guitars and yoyo's

So I figured I would put this in the “Unrelated” section as it is mainly about guitars!!! Post pics of your Axe’s with a throw!!! I will start. This is my 2011 Gibson 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue… I’ve had (before this yoyo obsession) upwards of 40 electric guitars (not all at once) now I have one!!! This yoyo is a CODE2. Let’s see them!!!

This is one of my 9 guitars…a Warwick Corvette, with a YoyoFactory Genesis 2012. I love guitars too, most of mine are bass guitars.

What a pretty Les Paul that is.

With my Evil Yo.

Here’s the same Les Paul and my Stratocaster.

Epiphone '06 Les Paul Standard

Squire '02 Affinity Strat Made in Indonesia

Hoping for this for Christmas;

Also, here

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Very nice WildCat. That evil yo looks well… EVIL!!! It goes great with the Lester!!!

Figured I’d post another combo. This is my Schecter Stiletto, with my General Yo Entheos.

You guys are so cool man. 8) Can I like hang with your band?

Sure, you can be part of the road crew :smiley:

  1. Cool beans man, cool beans!

Actually to be totally honest Totalartist, Fellavader and I are in a band already!!! We had a jam session at my house last spring and this weekend we are “getting the band back together” in Boston!!! I am polishing up the riff to a new Totalartist song!!! It is the sequal to “Hold your Throws Up”.

That’s really great. Good luck to all of you, I know you’ll all have a great time together.

Yes, we will be jamming this weekend!! Can’t wait! ;D

I only have two guitars, but I’ll have to get some pics.

Awesome, can’t wait to see them with some throws soon :wink:

My three guitars are awesome …did have 4 …I shall post pics soon.

Here is my Les Paul again. This time with my two General Yo’s. KLR and Majesty…

I do like that Les Paul.

Thank you. I will post a few more pics of it…

My best set up…Vinci that my bud fixed up to sound dead beautiful. Plays great, sound nice with the Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal, and a Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal.

mgiroux77…that guitar is growing on me. The pic with the General Yos, you had the light just right for the pic.

Looks good Offstring! Now, this is my Fender Jazz bass with an Antiyo Dri-Ywet:

Fender Victor Bailey acoustic bass, with a YYE Edition CLYW Avalanche.

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