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Please initiate all negotiations through PMs – DON’T post in this thread please!
For insurance reasons, international sales will NOT be declared a lower value when shipped. Buyer is responsible for payment of any applicable customs or import fees and taxes.
Pictures of damage to be administered upon demand.

Talk to me about package deals!

'Sup guys. Been kinda out of the game for a while and I’ve got a $3000 guitar to pay for, so I’m putting up the majority of my collection for sale.

See a yoyo you like but a price you don’t? MAKE ME AN OFFER! I need a lot of money really fast, so I’ll most likely bite on any reasonable offer! For that reason, prices quoted include Priority Mail shipping and are considered “Or Best Offer” implied.

ILYY: I’ve got pouches that will be included with all sales while supplies last with the exception of the Josy Ann. I also have a metric KonKave bearing that I can include in addition to the stock flat bearing for an additional $10. In my opinion, it best compliments the play of the 2WEI, but whoever wants it first gets it.

Sakura - $40 Some damage on the rims. Doesn’t affect play except palm grinds. Never was dead smooth, but pretty smooth nonetheless. Underrated powerhouse throw for its size.

YYR: YYRs include boxes while supplies last. I have one more YYR box left so the next buyer gets it. No more boxes guys, sorry. Unless noted otherwise, my YYRs come with a KK 10 Ball bearing for superior playability. If you haven’t played a YYR with one of those bearings, you NEED to experience it!

Stay tuned…


Loop 900s: $30 Matching 2nd-gen pair. Never been looped. I took them out of the box one day and just never got around to stringing them up (d’oh!). Will include 1 YYF key (not the multi-tool). Pretty much a 2-for-1 deal on a brand new pair of loopers. Enjoy.

NYYR - Takamine Acoustic-Electric Guitars Guitars will be shipped fully insured via UPS ground. Since the price can vary so steeply based on location, I’m quoting my prices without shipping. PM me for a quote – I most likely will absorb some of the shipping costs if they end up being too astronomical. All guitars will include a fresh battery for the preamp, and I’ll give each of them a good polish before they head out the door. Each has been well cared for in a smoke-free environment. Takamine G series guitars are known to have tone and playability rivaling guitars that are several times more expensive. PM for more pictures of any model you’re interested in.

EG463SC: $400 Near mint with the only cosmetic “damage” being some tarnishing on the machine heads of the tuners. Definitely the best looking guitar I own. Solid spruce top, rosewood laminate sides with a 3-piece back of rosewood-quilted maple-rosewood with intricate wood purfling that’s absolutely gorgeous, maple binding, abalone rosette, awesome 12th-fret inlay, rubberized tuning pegs for a cool look and comfortable grip. Freshly installed Elixir 80/20 Light (.012) strings. TP-4T preamp with built in tuner. Also includes upgraded buffalo horn bridge pins and a bone saddle. Will also include the OEM saddle and bridge pins. As is the action is just a tiny bit too low (minor fret buzz, no outright dead notes) with the bone saddle, but that can easily be fixed with a shim, or by switching back to the OEM plastic saddle. No noticeable fret wear. NEX mini-jumbo body style gives a tone just as sweet as the looks, and is very comfortable to boot. Usually goes for $550 on ebay with no upgrades (I spent over $100 on the bridge pins and bone saddle).

PENDING! EG544CK: $500 Mint condition, original owner. Best sounding guitar I have. Koa laminate top, back, and sides provide a rich, sweet tone with beautiful harmonic response that one would expect from the golden hue of the koa. Deep cutaway for unrestricted access to all the high frets. TP-4T preamp with built in tuner. Abalone snowflake inlays and rosette. Currently set up with the OEM Tusq-esque saddle, but will also include a custom bone saddle that would require shimming if used (causes dead frets in the upper register, usually 15th or 17th frets). Upgraded bone bridge pins with abalone dots also installed, but will also include OEM plastic bridge pins. NEX mini-jumbo body style. Seems to have a very light V contoured neck profile. I usually don’t like V profiles, but I really don’t hardly ever notice it unless playing intensely on the lower frets for long periods of time. Freshly installed Phosphor Bronze Elixir Light (.012) strings included. Going for $650 on ebay with no upgrades (I spent over $100 between the bridge pins and the bone saddle).

EG523SC: $450 Couple dings on the top where your arm rests. Also one small dent on the side right by the other ones. I tried to picture it but it’s so shallow and doesn’t break the finish, so you can’t even see it unless you look at it at just the right angle. Also one small dent where the fretboard meets the neck right around the 7th fret that doesn’t at all affect playability or even extend onto the actual fretboard. Jumbo body, solid spruce top with beautiful blonde flame maple laminate back and sides. Sweet looking guitar with all the fat tone that you’d expect from a jumbo. Previous owner had it set up with nice low action, and the relatively slim neck profile allows for awesome playability. String-thru saddle makes for easy string changes. TK-40 preamp with built in tuner – most people agree that it’s a better preamp than the TP-4T that the other ones come with. I can’t really comment on it because I pretty much only played these unplugged. Usually goes for $600-$700 on ebay.

Alright guys, I think that’s it for now. Give me some offers!


Messiah: $120 Semi-rare purple non-blasted old logo unit. Accepts silicone, plays smooth, best undersized throw ever bar-none. Small scuff on the rim on the logo side. Somewhat fresh pads on it, can’t tell if they’re YYR pads or irPads, but they’re awesome either way.

E=mc2 - $185 Mint and originally raw. Mirror polished by Sunny. Incredible example of a mirror polish, and pretty dang smooth on a good throw. Small vibe on the fingernail test. Like with the Blink, I’d advise against opening it if possible because it took a while to tune it this smooth.

Solenoid - $135 Absolutely amazing throw. On par with YYR in most every way. The aqua color is incredible as well. Includes a super smooth, super quiet KK 10 Ball bearing (my absolute favorite bearing of all time), but I can swap it out for the stock Center Trac if you’d prefer.

Maxbet - $80 I can’t decide if I like this one or the Solenoid better. Superb stability. Formerly one half of a 3A pair, so there are some light dings all around. Still completely smooth, and it’s raw so you won’t be grinding with it anyway.

Ti Walker #19 Really don’t know about getting rid of this one, but here it is. It’s got a small ding on the rim of the “Ti Walker” engraving side from falling out of my pocket on the concrete porch. What a ripoff, right? It was polished smooth so it’s not too terrible. I polished the rims and hubs and I put a satin finish on the inner catch zone for ace looks and playability. Includes original box as well, and if it’s important for the prospective buyer I may be able to locate the original ceramic bearing that it came with. Comes with a One Drop 10 Ball otherwise. Since I’m so on the fence with this one, I’m asking that you aim high when making offers. I’m talking >$300.

H5 - $70 Super fun and super oversized (even bigger than YYR’s Dreadnought!) but superbly playable in every way. One small ano scuff on one of the rims and a small flat spot about the same size right next to it. Still completely smooth. Includes original box and pouch.

Acrophobia: $150 Mint. Super floaty and super awesome. Surprisingly comfortable, and dead smooth!

Blink - $195 Mint and originally raw. Started to mirror polish it, and got most of the way there, but there are some small ripples in the hubs that could probably be polished out with a little elbow grease. Pretty smooth for a Blink – you can only feel a slight vibe while idling at the end of the string. I’d advise avoiding opening it when possible because I recall having to take a bit of time to get it that smooth. Very rare in the US market. If you want one or have wanted one, I’d suggest you hop on it. I’ll give it a good once-over to clean up the polish before I ship it out.

Josy-Ann - $35 Mint. Actually a really fun throw. Surprisingly smooth, and the finish is great and worn in in the catch zone so it doesn’t eat strings. No pouch for this one, but if you really want one I’ll grab a pouch from a craft store and write “Josy-Ann” on it in sharpie like they came brand new

Lynx - $60 Mint. Plays like a Peak, only more stable as far as I’m concerned. The gold candy blast finish looks awesome and palm grinds are sweet on this thing.

2WEI - $80 Mint. Pearl 2.0 coating is awesome and with a KK it plays like a beast. Pretty smooth and forgiving, though not something I’d consider competition grade. This one is from the first production run if that matters to anyone.

Stargazer v2: $120 Couple flat spots that barely break the ano on the tips of the rims and some other very minor damage. Polished engravings add to the aesthetic appeal in my opinion, and overall the proportions of the design make this YYR’s most aesthetically pleasing YYR to date. Gold ano in this design is pure class. The bearing that is installed is not one of the aforementioned KK 10 Balls, but the particular make of obscure Asian KK bearing is the only one that completely smooths it out. I believe the pads installed are fresh YYR soft pads to level out the inherent slippiness of the stock response. Classic flagship model of everything that YYR stands for. Pictured below on the right.

Liopleurodon - $80 Mint. YYE limited blue ano 2011 version. Probably the most coveted ILYY throw, and for good reason. Plays very deliberately, pretty smooth, and the profile is absolute comfort. The blue candodize finish is incredible as well. This along with the 2WEI are my two favorite ILYY throws, hence the pricing.

Dreadnought: $155 Custom ano’d by Jason Wong solid purple and Angel Dust finished by CaliBuddha, completely undamaged (can’t say “mint” because it has been altered from factory condition). Was originally raw and mirror polished by Sunny. It’s a new run model so it will accept flowable silicone. Not even joking, one of the smoothest yoyos you will ever throw in your lifetime, especially with the KK 10 Ball.

ClashCube: $115 Mint, red, surprisingly awesome. Dead smooth too. I have a spare bearing that I can throw in there for you, as this is my only D bearing throw. I think everybody owes it to themselves to at least try it. My preference is oversized but I still find this little guy packs a baffling amount of power.

Overdrive: $170 Super small flat spot on logo-side rim and a couple teeny tiny pinpricks on the opposite side rim. Overdrives were not known for their smoothness, but this one isn’t bad at all, especially with the super smooth KK 10 Ball bearing. Very hard to get ahold of. We’ve been waiting on a second production run for what, almost a year and a half now? Jump on it.

Dreadnought G: $120 Old run, grey beadblasted version which requires pad response. Worry not, k/cbc-pads work perfectly. Pretty smooth and will eat your longest combos for breakfast. Has some areas where the blast seems a bit… dirty? Also some minor pink coloration seems to be rubbed in the inner catch zone. These flaws are all cosmetic, so you still get this tank of a throw with the now-discontinued YYR beadblast that I’d describe as nothing short of amazing. It’s not quite a C3 beadblast, but it’s up there.

Gleipnir: $140 Mint. Probably my second favorite YYR model next to the Clash. Powerhouse throw but by no means unwieldy. Equipped with irpads for your enjoyment. Get yourself one for cheap!

Fury - $60 Mint. One ano flaw in the hub area of one side (pictured) and the blast is a little dirty in some areas of the rims. Neither of these affect play obviously, just minor discoloration in both cases. My favorite H-shaped throw by far, and it continually surprises me that this thing actually weighs 70 grams.

Dri-YWET: $110 Undamaged. Only reason I don’t say “mint” is because of the patina. If the buyer wishes, I could probably try and remove the patina to restore it to its original unplayed glory. Includes original denim pouch, CD (never listened to it), and of course the large o-rings for the Quad Fist response (never used those either).

Greyhound - $60 Mint. Awesome fast throw, and the red candodize looks amazing. Also plays great with a KK (hint, hint).

Cosmo: $40 One small scuff-like thing that only barely fogs the acrylic around one rim. If you’re not looking for it, you probably won’t see it. Originally had the old Anti-Yo style huge axle but I had Landon mod it to take an SPR kit. Plays much better now. Super cool throw to play outside.

Torino - $50 Small nicks around the rims from hitting my ring. Pretty smooth and totally awesome looking in the limited green colorway. Perfect fusion between the organic curves of ILYY and the step profile of YYR.

Stardust 2: $150 Mint. Pretty hard to come by. Not to be confused with the Stardust v2, this is the updated version with modern YYR guts that was released in 2011. Took me a long time to get ahold of this thing and has been extremely scarce in US-friendly retailers since its release. Awesome tribute to the original Stardusts. Semi-fresh soft broad YYR pads installed, and I’ll throw in whatever pairs I have left since this is my only throw that takes them. That in and of itself is a considerable value – YYR pads ain’t cheap!

Sleipnir: $120 Couple shallow dings on the very outer rims, sanded smooth. DEAD smooth on the string even with the damage. It’s pretty remarkable. Comes with irpads installed.

Bapezilla: $120 Pretty good condition for a 7 year old yoyo. Some light scuffs in the catch zone that don’t break the aluminum surface and a very small amount of pinprick dings that do. Comes with the original box with the unbroken seal. Kentaro pads installed with Crucial v2 bearing.

Why is it fs only but you have a wants list

Because it took me forever to type it and if I ever decide that I want to pursue trades again I can have the list right in front of me. Please direct extended discussions to PM, thanks :slight_smile:

Why dont you strip it?

Because I feel it would be a disservice so such an awesome ano job. I know that just because I might not be feeling it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. Again, please direct all discussion regarding this thread to PM.

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