FS/T: Modfather, CLYW, ILYY, YYF, TK, YYJ, etc.|ISO's inside. Updated 12/14

I generally prefer to TRADE rather than to buy/sell (and I’ve never bought an item I intended to “scalp”), but I’m open to all fair offers.

Please give me 2-3 days to reply to PM’s since I’m not logging on daily. Also, although I’ve gotten lots of good offers I’ve also been getting some that are ridiculously low-ball, especially of late – I might not respond to a PM’s if it consists solely of an offer I find to be too thin to seriously consider. This is especially true of any limited/non-production/vintage items that I have in my thread… If it’s something rare and that took some luck to get, assume I’ll only trade it for something equally interesting/unique. My ISO’s should give a good indication of things that might fit the bill.

(roughly in order of how strongly I want them)

  1. Tom Kuhn Ebonized TK-60 **
    ** I know a handful of these were made, but to the best of my knowledge there was never a production run. Could be wrong, though, and any better info. would be much appreciated!
  2. CLYW small-bearing BvM (as far as I know there were two very small prototype runs, the brown with green splash color might be the easier one to find although either color would be fine by me)
  3. HSPIN Black (“Hot Girl”) Envy64 (mint condition only)
  4. YYF G5 - Buddha King Edition
  5. Oxygene/HSPIN H2O (mint condition only – this would be to round out a collection)
  6. HSPIN Cut, “Vyolence” (black) edition (mint only)
  7. HSPIN Pyro, USA Edition
  8. ILYY Production Run Lio (only Purple/Black color scheme, only mint with original packaging)
  9. HSPIN NVx
  10. Tom Kuhn WOODEN Pocket Rocket, any color scheme (I’m actually looking for 2 of these).
  11. Hummingbird FLARED Trickster
  12. Tom Kuhn Ebonized RD-2 (mint condition only)
  13. CLYW Peak, “Modified” edition (preferably in the Purple acid splash/wash color scheme)
  14. CLYW Bassalope (Small bearing edition only and mint condition only. I’m not interested in the ones with the manufacturing flaws).
  15. CLYW Peak, Bearing-Gull Edition.
  16. CLYW BvM’s (smooth play a MUST as well as Mint or NM condition, and obviously the more rare the run the more I’d be willing to trade for it – expect poor offers on Ogopogos, SvZB’s, and older runs that vibed.)
  17. Limited-Edition Sumo by Brokenyoyo (strong preference for a lignano model or a beadblasted one)
  18. ILYY E1NS (would LOVE an E1NS Pure – and would be willing to make a deal that acknowledges their rarity and value – but would also consider other runs if play is flawless and it is in Mint or NM condition)
  19. Mint condition YYF G5’s (especially limited editions) – preferably mint (maybe NM), but should definitely play smooth (both on throws and while on stacks).
  20. Interesting (especially laser-engraved) Tom Kuhn Roller Woodys, Sleep Machines, RD-1, RD-2, No Jive/No Jive Specials
  21. Odd material (Titanium, Steel, Hardcoat, Rare/Unusual wood, etc.) yo-yo’s. Full size (52mm+ diameter) yo’s preferred.
  22. (this is a VERY DISTANT LAST, really only to round out close trades.) Interesting mod fodder – preferably yo’s that started life as raw metals or with a finish that can easily be blasted to raw.

NOTE: For items high on this list, I have an extensive collection I might be willing to trade something not listed below for. If you have something I want and are interested, please PM me and we’ll see if we can work something out depending on what I have and what you want.

Items for trade (or sale – make offers!)

 Modfather single silicone pad recessed Duncan Throw Monkey, red body w/ black caps (Mint condition) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Mod_Monkey.jpg
 Modfather single silicone pad recessed Duncan Flying Panda, translucent yellow body w/ white caps (Mint condition) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Mod_Panda.jpg
 Modfather dual flowable silicone recessed Duncan FH2, clear body w/ white caps (Mint condition)-- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Mod_FH2.jpg
       All my Modfather yo-yo's have cleaned bearings and play incredibly smoothly.  Since I got them directly from him I don't have packaging for these yo's.
       I will consider cash offers for these more than with most other things on my BST thread, and if anybody wants more or different ModFather yo's than my extras I have listed here, feel free to let me know what kind
       and how many in your trade proposal, and I can see if I can either bring ModFather into the trade or simply commission them from him myself... So long as he knows up front they're for a trade,  he has indicated that he
       wouldn't have a problem selling/trading more to me to make a deal I want happen for me.  Not to mention he'd love any extra reviews that come from such a trade!

 CLYW Bear vs. Man, Baby Blue with Purple Splash edition (mint in box) -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/BvM_Blue_Box-a.jpg

 ILYY St. Eel Pre-Pro, Mint with Pouch -- Photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/StEel-Pouch.jpg
 [s]ILYY Small-Bearing Silver Candodized Pre-Pro (Oct. 2009) Rocket (total run 10 pieces, only 5 sold to public), Mint with Pouch  -- pics at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Rocket_Face.jpg
            -- view of the bearing at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Rocket_Guts.jpg[/s] -- PENDING

 YYF G5 Prison Break Limited Edition, Mint in Box -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/PB_Box.jpg
 YYF Buddha King 2, 9/10 (some slight scuffs around the rim, but nothing deep or through the ano) -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/BK2_Box.jpg

 HSPIN Envy, Serial # 470 (Mint in Box)-- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Envy_470.jpg

 Kyo's Toys Alph, MIB -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Alph Box.jpg
 Kyo's Toys Cyclotron (Radioactive), Mint with Pouch -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Cyclo.jpg

 Tom Kuhn Jive Whistling Wood Yo-Yo (Mint in Box) -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/TK_Jive.jpg
 Tom Kuhn SB-2, Ultraviolet Color Scheme (MIB) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SB2_UV.jpg
 Tom Kuhn SB-2, Sunset Splash w/ Polished Rim Color Scheme (MIB) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SB2_Sunset.jpg

 [s]YoYoJam K-Os Extreme, blue body (Mint in Box) -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/KX.jpg[/s] -- PENDING
 [s]YoYoJam SFHG, translucent red body (Mint in Box) -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SFHG.jpg[/s] -- PENDING
 YoYoJam Copperhead, green body w/ dual starburst response, 1 red and 1 greed cap (MIB) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/YYJ_CH.jpg
 YoYoJam Triple Jam, (MIB) -- photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/YYJ_TJ.jpg
 [s]YoYoJam SFHG Xtra, black body (8/10 - some shallow scuffs on rim and paper caps only fit loosely but play not affected)[/s] -- Photo Coming Soon -- PENDING

 Duncan Mayhem, Blue - NIB -- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Mayhem_Blue.jpg

Finally, the short list of “available” big-ticket Items

I thought I’d put up a few of my more interesting items to test the waters. I really don’t expect to get good enough offers for me to part with any of these, but I figure it’s worth checking out. Be warned that offers on these items will need to be VERY aggressive. I almost certainly won’t part with these for $$ – if any of them go it will almost certainly be in a trade.

 CLYW: Set of the [b]first four 28 Stories edition yo-yo's[/b] (1 each of 1st run Peak, BvM, 2nd run Peak, and Wooly Marmot).  All mint in box.  Likely will only be traded as the entire set for something extraordinary.
 However, I could see potentially parting with the Wooly Marmot and/or the 2nd Run Peak "a la carte" for the right offer(s)... The 1st run peak and the BvM won't go unless it all goes as a set, and again that would
 take some serious doing.  I might even consider NYYR stuff for the set so long as the offer is for something of equal or greater value and is something I really want.... Think a high-end Omega watch as an
 example of something I'd consider.  
 Photo #1: http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/28Sx4-1.jpg
 Photo #2: http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/28Sx4-2.jpg
 Plus some additional details photos of the earlier ones are available via the link in my sig.

 [b]YYF Catch 22[/b] (S/N #0065) -- Currently has some surface scuffs/scratches on the titanium that I've got TheModFather cleaning up, when that's finished it should be restored to like-new.
 Has all original (and s/n matching) packaging and all original accessories accessories. --  Photos coming as soon as the clean-up job is complete.
      Disclosure: This C22 does have some vibe.  As I understand it, this was common of the C22's -- even brand-new -- because of the soft aluminum/hard titanium hybrid body.
      Any better information or other people's personal experiences with this yo would be much appreciated, and if I find out more I'll post it here.  So far, I've heard a story about one that vibed until it got "broken in"
      when the vibe dissipated, but not ever having seen the one described that way, I certainly won't guarantee the vibe will go away with extended play for the one I'm offering here.

 [b]Kyo's Toys Tirade #006[/b] (MIP).  All titanium body, great profile, KK bearing --  Photos on link in sig.

 [b]Hspin Cut with custom ILLY finish[/b] (Mint with Pouch) -- This was a one-off Cut that the good folks at ILYY finished by adding a purple candyblasted finish and sILLYcone flowable response system.  A totally unique item.
      Photo at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Collection/CandyCut.jpg

NOTE TO BUYERS/TRADERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.: For shipping outside of the U.S., please calculate shipping costs at http://postcalc.usps.gov/ using express mail ONLY as the shipping method (as no other international shipping method includes tracking service or allows shipping insurance). Please factor that calculated cost into any offers you make!

Please PM me with questions or offers.

Items no longer available:
ILLY E1NS.1, Mint with pouch-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/E1NS.1.jpg
ILYY Josy Ann (9/10 – plays PERFECTLY smooth, has 1 scratch through the about 1.5 mm on the yellow half rim (pictured), and doesn’t have a pouch, otherwise excellent) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Josy_Scratch_1.jpg
ILYY Limited Edition (Orange/Blue) Lio, Mint w/ Pouch – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/LE_Lio_2.jpg
ILLY Pre-Pro Lio (Purple/Charcoal, condition as pictured – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Lio_Pre.jpg
CLYW Wooly Marmot, 28 Stories Edition (Mint with box and knit pouch as pictured) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/28S_WM.jpg
YYF/CLYW BvA GM2 - Ectoplasm edition, mint in box – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/BvA_GM2_Face.jpg
HSPIN Envy, Serial #450 (8/10, a few pinhole dings on green rim and two minor scuffs in gap , but the scuffs have no depth to them and so play is not affected)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Envy_450_dings.jpg
Tom Kuhn SB-2, Red Splash Color Scheme (MIB) – Photos coming soon.
Tom Kuhn Ebonized RD-1 (New in Box) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/TK_RD1_Eb.jpg
Tom Kuhn Natural Finish RD-2 (New in Box) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/TK_RD2_Nat.jpg
Tom Kuhn Roller Woody, Laminate Natural with Grey Stripe (New in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/TK_RW_Grey.jpg
Tom Kuhn Magda 95er Yo (New in Box) – Photos upon request
Tom Kuhn (Aluminum) Pocket Rocket Yo Yo (Mint in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/TK_PR.jpg
Kyo Senza Nome #55, MIP – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Senza_Side1.jpg
YoYoJam Dark Magic (2008) Master’s Edition (New in Box) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/DMM.jpg
YoYoJam Speeder, Yellow Glitter “Lemon Drop” (YYJ internal release, never sold to public) (New in Box) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Sp-Yel-1.jpg
YoYoJam Speeder, Black (Mint in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/Sp_Bl.jpg
YoYoJam Super SpinFaktor, Black w/ Holo Caps (New in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SSF_Bl.jpg
YoYoJam Super SpinFaktor, Red w/ Holo Caps (New in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SSF_R.jpg
YoYoJam SpinFaktor HG, Translucent Red (New in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SFHG.jpg
YoYoJam Sigma Blade, Clear (9/10 - minor scuffs on rim and caps don’t stay in place well, as was the case with most original Sigma Blades)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/SB.jpg
YoYoJam Gator Jam, Clear w/ White/Green Caps (New in Box)-- pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/GJ.jpg
YoYoJam Hurricane Kamaitachi, Blue w/ Silver rings and Holo caps (6/10 - major scuffing on rings and caps, play not affected) – pic at http://kowalsky.org/YoYo/HK.jpg
Came-Yo Mondial, Gold w/ White Rings (9/10 – one pinhole-sized ding on one rim, play not affected) – Photos upon request
Came-Yo Mondial, Silver w/ Black Rings (Mint in Box) – Photos upon request
Custom Yo-Yo Axl, Gold (New in Box) – Photos upon request
Yomega Metallic Missile, Black (9/10 – one pinhole-sized ding on one rim, play not affected) – Photos upon request
Yomega/Bandai Hyper Yo-Yo, Blue w/ Green Caps, manufacture date 1998 (New in Box) – Photos upon request
Half BC/Half Tom Kuhn Commemorative Edition fixed-axle wood yo, Black with Blue/White printing (Mint in Box) – Photos upon request

really want that g5 i have an aqua 888 satined outsides and m1 orange/blue pgm green clear big ben
please respond very interested

Do you still have a bvm for sale bcuz I’m looking on the site for one and the one with the best price I’ll probably buy?And for how much?