My new guitar project - FINISHED!!!

I’m modding my Squire Affinity Strat. I was getting rather annoyed by the bridge pickup, tapered neck and inability to be used for what I enjoy playing (Mostly stuff utilizing humbuckers). It has already been personalized with a blue pinstripe and a YYE sticker on the neck. I also had the input jack flipped for a while to better accommodate an angled cord.


What I’m doing is replacing:
Bridge Humbucker
Adding roller string tees
Individual pickup switching option

Here are some pictures of the parts

The neck is drying with the second coat of finish as I type this.

That’s pretty awesome. I play jazz guitar but I also play progressive stuff like BTBAM, Scale the Summit, and Animals as Leaders. I love playing, but customizing is even better at times. If you’re on a budget and do not want to pay 200 plus for a decent set of PUs you should check out Right now I play a 308H 8 string, 25th edition RG, Epiphone Wildcat, Godin Classical, a Tele, and a few others that just sit around. I love seeing guitar stuff pop up on here btw.

Lol, I got everything but the electronics from gfs!

interesting idea with the individual pickup selection buttons, i’m personally more of a fan of using a decent pair of humbuckers set either in the bridge/middle positions or a pair of standard bridge/neck pickup layouts with the standard 3 way switch but that’s mainly because that’s all what I play calls for. I’m assuming you’re using 2 of the single coil pickups with your humbucker so the only warning i can give is be sure to remember to keep the wires to each properly separated. what you’re doing is pretty simple but i have seen people mess the wiring up because they forgot where each one is supposed to go haha. Happy modding!

Between my dad and I, we have plenty of experience with wiring to re-wire a guitar.

I’m not even sure how I came across guitarfetish actually but it is amazing. I’ve only gotten hardware type items from them, so you’ll have to keep me posted on how the whole project turns out. Also, I’ve seen the inlay sticker idea before but I’ve never done it myself because I always keep my guitars very standard, but it looks very cool on that one. Very good choice for customizing though, they practically beg to be revamped :slight_smile:

I can understand wanting to keep stuff standard, I do it to. However, I like to modify my guitars at least a little. I satined the neck on my Epiphone Les Paul, and it is really sweet now. I actually have a kit build thread here, and already have an idea for my next guitars to build. My custom scratch build, a doublenecked PRS Custom 24, and a copy of Alex Lifeson’s 355.

Almost done with the pickguard!

I wish i knew all this stuff about electric instruments.

How much did all that hardware cost you?

Guitar fetish Is good stuff. I’ve really been meaning to pick up a set of single coils for my Mex Standard Stratocaster. Just finished up an Ibanez RG7420 project myself! I love cleaning/maintaining guitars!

Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

With electronics and everything, a little over a hundred.


(Only selfie I’ll ever take)

Nice how does it sound

Pretty darn sweet. I dare say better than my Les Paul on the wall. That has been my go-to guitar far nearly 3 years now.

Come on, this is cool.