Nifty Mod for Guitarists

I Recently got a YYJ Legacy specifically because I wanted a good plastic throw and was wanting one in all white. I’m not a big fan of side caps, so I took them off only to reveal the weight rings underneath.
I decided to sand the weight rings to give them a brushed look, but on a white yoyo, it didn’t have the pop I was hoping for.

So, I decided that I would try something I hadn’t seen before. I stopped by my favorite guitar store on my way home from work and looked through the pickguards and found a red tortoise pickguard for an acoustic guitar that was single ply, self-adhesive, and would be easy to cut with scissors. It cost me $6 and took me about 30 minutes to trace the old caps and cut my new, awesome red tortoise side caps that give me a yoyo that will be cool to carry with me to gigs. Nifty!

Tell me what you think.

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that is AWESOME

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That’s a great looking mod! I think you might be onto something there… the tortoise shell look is very classy, and I know you can get some awesome pick guards if you shop around. Pearloid would look insane. ;D

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Sweet, i might have to try this!

Yeah it would! I was limited to what they had on the rack, But red tortoise was my second choice after white pearloid.

A starburst would look nice i think.


This is pretty abrasive I think. Maybe something lighter would best fit my tastes. :3 Personally I would love to fit some scratch-proof glass into there and insteaduse colored print-outs.

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Abrasive? As in…It looks “tacky” and you’d choose a different color? Or do you mean that it looks like it would get scratched easily? If you think it looks Gawdy, I take no offense… If you think it could scratch easily, you probably have a point. lol…it’s a pickguard.

Yeah, now that I’ve done it once, I might tinker with some other ideas. You’re right, printouts under clear plastic could leave your options limitless.

Do they make clear pickgaurds? You could get two caps and put them together (sticky on sticky) but with a image in the middle. Custom Caps. You could even make them bigger than before and sharpen the edges a bit and now they work like normal caps fitting in the grooves.

I’m sure you could get self adhesive clear pickguards, but the only reason I chose that was because it would be Tortoise shell or pearloid or …Ooh!..Maybe even abalone! That being said, You’re idea is really good! But, you wouldn’t have to be limited to pickguards and we might could find a clear plastic laminate that would do the trick elsewhere, like Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, or even Wal-Mart. Yeah…I’m almost certain I’ve seen self-adhesive plastic sheets somewhere.

I know but the idea is, pickgaurds are hard plastic and self laminates are like… paper. Pickgaurds just seem very ideal. And I honestly would rather have the Tortoise shell than clear.

You dont really need it. Im sure you have saw my picture of my kickside. Just use a clear yoyojam cap or clear plastic and then cut out the shape in cardboard and use it as backing.

See my Kickside.

You don’t need it at all, but you don’t need your method either. I prefer this one.