Clear throws for painting the inside

I’m looking to give a throw a paint job and it seems like getting a clear plastic and painting the inside is the best option. Freehand Zero is the classic option, but I can’t find any, so I’m waiting on a NextGen to come in. Does anyone know what other options I have? Emphasis on clear body and caps, relatively inexpensive(but not crap), and actually obtainable. I might make a couple, so I’m open to suggestions.

Also, i would appreciate any tips from anyone who’s painted the insides of throws. It seems like it will be relatively straightforward, as long as I remember to paint “backwards” image-wise and layer-wise. Thanks!


But maybe to lowfi for you?

I have a clear FH Zero. PM me, maybe we can work something out.

Yoyorecreation Faye is a solid choice.

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Yeah we don’t have a ton of clear yo-yos right now. 720s would be good if you want a looping yo-yo to paint:

And, not the most popular choice, but still a fun yo-yo with a large surface to paint - Nine Dragons:

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Looking for a clear FHZ or YYJ Journey to paint…
Here ya go.

Yes, that’s the secret.

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Nice suggestions, thank you all.

@Myk_Myk I was looking at the Fast 201, but it seems like it might be a pain to get the caps off. Any experience with that?

@YoYoExpertGarrett How easy is it to pop off the 720’s caps? I have a 360 and it looks like I need to dig a knife in to pop the cap. The Nine Dragons is a little too rich for my blood for this project, though shell seems to protect the rims. I wouldn’t expect the side caps to take much damage and reviews make me think that painting/airbrushing wouldn’t add any noticeable extra vibe.

I got the Freehand NextGen in. The side caps were pretty easy to pop off by pushing down on the axle. I was a bit dismayed to find that the cap has a circle of plastic to contact the spacer, but I might be able to work with it. There’s also a very obvious bit of globbed plastic from the injection point of the mold. Looks like the FHZ has the same bit.

What’s the best method for getting off the logos? I thought I saw someone mention brake fluid, but I was thinking about trying iso alcohol and maybe a couple modeling methods of paint removal.

I think you can get a recess first base for 20 bucks in clear, but I don’t know where to get one right now. Last time I checked they were everywhere, but now I can’t find one. I hear they’re a good throw though.

Never noticed any globbed plastic on the FHZ. Have had a few and seen some nicley painted ones. Same for the YYJ Journey.

Brake fluid is the usually accepted method of removing the logo. I’ve used iso alcohol to clean yoyos. It’s never affected the logos. Don’t use acetone or lacquer thinner as they will melt the plastic.


They are not difficult to remove IIRC. YYF (or Dave’s Skilltoys) even had a painting contest back when they first released them. I don’t remember the results, and wish I could see the pics of what people did. @YOHANS do you remember that, and could you share pics, if you have them?

I never got around to painting mine, but that’s probably not a great loss to the art world.

I think you can still find the Spintastics Trompo Grande in clear. That’s a great “canvas” for panting! The only downside is if you want to play with it, you should tape it. I tried years ago to find clear electrical tape, or any flexible tape, so that the paint would show through. I didn’t have any luck, but maybe there is something now?

Not that I painted any, but I have three Higby ones. I’ll try to get a pic posted.

Sort of like this one (YYJ Journey)…


Nice! I’ve got several Higby painted yo-yos, but I meant I have 3- Trompo Grandes painted by him. I’ll try to get some pics of the yoyos as well.

Ya know… I’m not too sure actually. I can take a look at them Monday when I get to the office.

YYF Wedge is available in clear.

Yeah, scratch the 720s, that cap seems like a pain to get off. We did just get in a restock of Clear Freehand NextGen though. They should work well:

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We’re waiting… for pics…! :grin:

Oh wow, I got distracted and forgot to come back to this(I have a couple months before I “need” to have this done). I’ll have to grab a pic of the injection point on the NextGen I have to show that bit off. The main problem is that plastic circle in the middle of the cap. I’m going to try to go for the design I was originally looking to do, but if I’m not happy with that, I’ll probably just do a splashy type paint job with metallic paints. I swear I’ll post pics when I actually finish it!