How to paint clear yoyos?


Is there any tutorials on painting clear yoyos?


I don’t know of any tutorials. I have painted caps and I painted my entire clear FHZ. I just took acrylic paint and painted the inside. Looks pretty nice.


You just paint the inside with any design you like. Keep in mind that you need to do the stuff you want seen first, then apply the base/background coat if you are using one.

Link sent (the guy’s a pro)


Here try this… (yoyo w/ caps fhz journey ect) put paint of your choice around the middle big blob and put the yoyo on a dremel (drill sorta works) turn it on and the paint will go up towered the rims in sick designs once the paint is close to the rim stop the dremel and let it dry (( I’d you want the writing on a fhz cap off use a swab and rubbing Alcohol.


Take off caps and put paint in the middle