Frrehand Zero


how do you paint them ???



You can dye them and you can paint them with poster paint


You can really only paint clear or translucent Freehand Zero’s. The reason is because you don’t want to paint the outer surface, but instead, the inner part of the yo-yo under the caps. If you paint the outside, the paint will most likely flake off.

Now, if you have a clear or translucent FHZ, you want to take the caps off. You have to slam the half with the axle on to a hard surface. Make sure the axle side is down. Once you remove the caps, you can just paint the inside of the yo-yo like you would paint anything else. It might be a good idea to lightly sand the inside of the area you’re going to paint first, to help the paint stick to the surface. You can also paint the caps the same way.