Painting Duncan Freehand Zeros

Hey Everyone!
I have a Question that I am really Curious about.
I have noticed, that the #1 Yoyo that People Sell on this Site in the B/S/T Section, are Costom Painted Freehand Zeros.
But, When they have Pictures, The Paintings on it looks so Proffecianal. It Really looks like It came like that. They make it looks so Awesome. And, A lot of people Paint Freehand Zeros just like that.
Im just Wondering What kind of Paint they use, and how exactly do they do it?
I want to do it so bad, but I have no clue how to do it or what kind of Paint to use.
Could Somebody Please Tell me how to Paint a Freehand Zero Really Well?
Thanks to Everybody who gives me Advice!

I use acrylic mostly, and nail polish for details. As for the actual painting just express yourself. :wink:

Thanks Man!
But, for the Caps, do I have to like Take the Caps off and paint on the other side for the Dunan Freehand Zero Sign to Show up on the Cap?

Yes you do. And for the painting you need a clear FHZ.