The grolk Challenge

Introducing the grolk Challenge! Since I came up with this, I get to name it after myself, ya know? :smiley: ANYWAYS, the challenge is to basically limit yourself to something for a whole week. If you are interested in participating, read on for details.

  1. Choose your Challenge - There are three different challenges - A, play a style other than your main for a whole week, B, a yoyo you HATE for a whole week, or C, other. Pretty simple. For A, learning is ok as well, so 0A counts as 2A.

  2. Enter - In order for me to know that you’re taking the challenge, post in this thread saying which Challenge you’re taking, and with what yoyo, with what style, etc…

  3. Get on it - From the moment you enter, consider yourself handicapped. You can only, for example, play that style for a whole week.

  4. Film it - This is optional, but highly preferred. After your challenge is over, I want to see some kind of video, showing your progress or whatnot, in the form of seven short clips, one for each day. Doesn’t really matter about editing, but it would be nice to see some really good videos!

  5. You win! - After you submit your video and it’s not OBVIOUSLY bogus, I’ll post your name on this first post, your video, and some details. You win!

That’s basically all. Get on it, and let me know what you think, any adjustments? This contest takes more effort than you would think, especially the filming. A few notes:

  1. This contest is largely based on trust and honesty. I can’t tell if you hate x yoyo, however, if it’s too obvious, I’ll just say “change your entry” or something like that. Same for styles, if I have seen lots of 1A vids from you, I won’t let you enter in 1A.

  2. There are no prizes, sorry. Partly because, as I mentioned, it would be too easy to cheat, and partially because I have nothing to give :D. You do get on the front post though, and more importantly, you yourself have accomplished a personal achievement.

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Pretty fun idea. I’d like to do this for 5A, since I keep meaning to get into it but after 15 minutes I say screw it and go back to 1A. But yeah like you say, filming. I don’t have a proper setup for it and can’t be bothered to set one up.

If people won’t go through the effort of filming, I can make that optional. The most important part is knowing you completed this challenge.

Interesting… I don’t think this counts for challenge B, but I’m thinkin I want to restrict myself to my MarkMont Next for a whole week… It was my first high end, given to me, but I havent played it much in a while… I just feel like it’ not as good as my others and play my others. I don’t hate it, its my first high end and I’ll never give itup, but it’s like my least played yoyo at this point, and I think it deserves more attention… So i guess this would go to part C? How’s it sound? :slight_smile:

I think I’ll be able to make a 30-60 second vid for each day

I am going to do 5amore which I am terrible at.

Fine! Consider yourself entered! (if you want to)

Started this morning :slight_smile: just finished my day 1 vid :smiley:


Im not gonna miss a thing in a week when I go back to my full sized throws haha

I would possibly be interested. I have been doing a lot of 5A lately. I don’t want to have to film though. I want to keep my identity, location, age, etc. from view. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I don’t really think I have a yoyo that I hate. If I had one, I would be trying to get rid of it. :wink:

Ok, rules edited so that you don’t need to film. You could always just do something like I did in this video:

But I respect your decision. :slight_smile: Let me know if you want to enter.

Can i do it next week i have to show off my new 1a tricks this week at school from over the summer haha

What did you do in the video? It looked like you had no sleeper.

Sure! This challenge has no deadline.

That was one of my more creative tricks, I based it off of a trapeze stall mount, like in fixed axle play.

So people are just going to tell you i completed the grolk challenge! And you put them on the list?

I’m gonna do a vid anyways, somethiing cool I may want to look back on later on. Doin lots of mark montstyle tricks :slight_smile:

Can doubledice count as 5a? I’m down for a week of that.

So I would like to do it with moebius, i think its very cool and doesnt require special yoyos, also i could just mix it in to my normal 1A play while having fun! so thats my challange :wink: cant make a video every day, but i will try to make a short clip at the end of the week if i can get a hold of a camera

Consider yourself in.

Sure! You’re in as well.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna enter this formally, but I’m gonna try to do it anyway.

It’s not really meant to be a formal contest. It’s more of a self-challenging thing. Good for you and everyone else for taking it!