MoonageMin & Twitch's Trick-a-Week Challenge! (2020)

Hi guys,

This is aimed at the beginners out there, who are still struggling with the likes of Kwyjibo, that is around Advanced 1 / Advanced 2 yoyo skill level on

The idea is that we are going to be motivating each other to keep progressing and by the end of the year we should have advanced faster than we would have if we went at it alone.

The challenge will run from 1st December 2019 for 52 weeks! (and maybe more if it continues to be a success).

The plan is every week on Sunday night Twitch and I will take turns on alternative weeks to select one trick.

So once the next trick is announced on Sunday night you have from Monday~Sunday each week to try and complete it and get a video of a clean execution uploaded to this thread.

I will be first to go at picking a trick and announcing it this Sunday night followed by Twitch picking one next week and we will alternate from there.

If you are also a beginner and want to have a go please feel free to jump in and challenge yourself with us and enjoy your learning experience together with similarly skilled compadres. Leave a comment below if you want to participate, you can jump in and out anytime, but I think if you can complete all 52 with us that will be awesome.

Love from MoonageMin & Twitch77

Track your progress here :

List of tricks :


I’d join in but these days new things take me far longer than a week to learn!


Hey @beeebon,

Feel free to participate. The idea isn’t necessarily to hit each target every week, some tricks will be easier and take only a day or two, some more than a week. In the end I think it will average out and you can continue working on tricks you can’t do over the following weeks while learning new ones at the same time. The whole point is to have a little structure and a goal to aim for so that we keep each other motivated.

Although I feel you might be quite far advanced than us so the first couple of weeks might not interest you until we get to your level first :slight_smile:

Also, by having the person picking the trick alternate between @twitch77 & I we will end up picking tricks that I might not have picked and vice versa giving us a wider range and more rounded skill set by the end of it.
At least that is the plan :slight_smile:


Thanks! I might play along just not do the filming bit. Also I’m really not very good at all! :slight_smile:


I’m so looking forward to this! :smiley:
I think this will be a great way to push ourselves harder than we’d push on our own…as well as help to keep us motivated!

I practice daily and keep track of what I do each day…but things have gotten rather stale the last couple of weeks…this is just the kind of thing I’m looking for moving forward with this hobby!

Pretty pumped about this and would love for others to join in!

No pressure on that! If doing videos makes anyone uncomfortable that’s completely understandable and fine :smiley:.


Yeah please do mate, it will be fun to compare notes and this can be our virtual yoyo club.

@twitch77 looking forward to starting too, I was worried I will not have a goal to aim towards after the contest is over, so this is great timing.

I’ll focus on the contest for now, and Sunday morning pick a trick and announce here.


Can’t wait to hear all about the contest! :smiley: I bet you’re going to have so much fun!!


Hopefull I can bring back something shiny, that isn’t a yoyo :wink:


OH! Like maybe they’ll have those little collectible shiny souvenir spoons to commemorate the event that you can take home with you!!



I was thinking more of a trophy…#ParticipationAward


i’m so excited for this :smiley: my life can be very busy sometimes but i’ll try to participate as much as i can! :slight_smile:


I think it will take us the full year to be doing tricks that you are on but you are more than welcome to participate I think it will be good to have you on board.


haha! awesome

bro i’ve only have throwing almost 8 months now lol and Jake Waugh is a SUPER great teacher!


Haha, :laughing:

Dude, @twitch77 and I are on Hooks (the plain vanilla Hidemasa flavour) and you are already landing beef hooks. :slight_smile:

I think you are doing amazing for 8 months in, and I only hope that I am somewhere similar in 7 months time.
You might find our trick selections a little boring or easy, but as long as you don’t mind we would love nothing more than for you to join us on this year long challenge.
(Although I am speaking on @twitch77’s behalf, I’m pretty sure that’s what he would have said too)


ok i am OCCASIONALLY landing Beefhook! i’m not near consistent if you get really REALLY excited that you land something it means your not consistent lol and also i didn’t learn all of the beginner tricks so things like Kwyjibo are difficult for the first time


lol I know…I was just being a dork! :stuck_out_tongue:


You are very good for only being under a year into throwing!
It’d be awesome to learn some stuff with you though! :smiley:


i had this idea of doing a trick a week thing with some people on the forum but never actually did it


Great idea, and thanks for putting this together. I’m in. I started back up at the beginning of August, so I think it’s a good fit for me. I’ve been jumping all over on learning stuff, so having something to focus on will be great for me.


Welcome Paul!

I hope you enjoy your time at our challenge and hopefully @twitch77 & I don’t pick too many tricks that overlap with what you already know. And even if it does overlap, you might be surprised to see coming back to previous tricks how consistently you can keep hitting it.