The yoyo challange.

Hey all :slight_smile: In this topic i will make challanges to all yoyo players to do everyday. I`m going to update the topic everyday so keep that in mind. :slight_smile: You can also advice me things that you want to change or give your idea about a new challange. TY :slight_smile:

Day 1. Make 10 eli-hops on one throw(no need to be one after another).
Day 2.1 Bind 3 times while sitting.
2.2 Bind 2 times behind you back.
2.3 Bind 5 times under one of your legs.
2.4 Bind 5 times while jumping.
2.5 Bind 10 times while walking.
2.6 Bind 5 times while eating or drinking :smiley:
Day 3 Begginer Challange:
Do the Double or Nothing 3 times one after another.
Advanced Challange:
Do Boing-e-Boing 50 times :slight_smile:
Day 4. Challange by Ghost8982:
Beginner: split the atom, 3 barrel rolls, ripcord, bind. Repeat 3 times

        Advanced: 15 suicides back to back

Monthly challange 1 : Design your own trick, fil it and show it to us.

Done :slight_smile:

Ok. ;D

Fail here! I needs to earn me some more skills through hard work and practice!

I’m gonna shoot to get the basics of Buddha’s Revenge today. I got McBride’s Roller COaster at 95%. I can’t do the would tour to a 1.5 reliable YET without stopping the trick to land the 1.5, but it is coming together! Time to move on, as I’m getting bored!

did it great idea by the way :slight_smile:

Done on my first try ;D

ty for all the good comments. Tomorrow`s challange will be a bit tricky xD



In a row, third try, had to adjust tilt.

I was using a popstar. :smiley:

This is a cool idea.
I’m guessing later challenges will be a bit harder?

Yeah he said this:

I also love this idea,

hope it isn’t too hard. I’m not too good. :smiley:

Doubled 1st try :slight_smile: gonna try this for upcoming challenges

6 is my record using my Dark Magic, 3 on my Littles. Eli hops look great on a tiny yoyo

Yeah, I love eli hops on Popstar. :smiley:

Here is the second one. It`s a bit bindy challange :smiley:

Bind 3 times while sitting.
Bind 2 times behind you back.
Bind 5 times under one of your legs.
Bind 5 times while jumping.
Bind 10 times while walking.
Bind 5 times while eating or drinking :smiley:

Lets see you now :smiley:

How about to make this more fun, we also let others contribute to this thread with challenges.

I thought you said one a day… Anyway…done, except for jumping. I don’t jump. Im 33 years old and im fat, out of shape, and smoked for 15 years (but I quit last year with breathing problems). Jumping hurts knees. Funny you caught me at dinner and I did those with a plastic whip bind. ;D

jumping was a bit tricky, but did it.

Sorry :smiley: Where are in different time zones and to me its midnight already :smiley:

Other New thing ! Post here challanges that you want to try and i can choose some of them for the tomorrow`s challange :slight_smile:

Done and done!

Maybe you could do a looping challenge. Like maybe 20 loops blindfolded or something.