I Dare You

Make the simple Amazing

Awesome slogan. I saw Mach 5 for the first time and was blown away. ‘‘Yoyos arent supposed to do that’’ i said. But Andre’s tut showed me otherwise. Now i can can do stuff that people are left wondering, ‘‘How does he do that?’’

Aside from makin non-yoyoers Amazed, there are some tricks out there and styles that make your jaw drop when you see them for the first time(moebius for example). To guys out there who like a challenge, I dare you(not that i can, but just for fun) to try:

Horizontal 3A
3A with Mighty Fleas

If there’s a vid out there of of the above stunts, please do tell:)

Anybody with a crazy dare?
(like 4A with a flea)

I havent even considered 1A with a mighty flea… heck i still havent used my campfire much :stuck_out_tongue:

So i think ill have to pass this dare on to the next guy!


Maybe next year ::slight_smile: lol

Here is a friend of mine Derrek Bond. 3a mighty fleas.

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i found this vid on youtube. 4a with a flea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llnyFpfc9ew

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1a with a big yo
anything with the mighty flea
2a with nylon string
4a with a trvth
Drink alcoholic beverages then yoyo? (Remember kids, 21 and older only!)

Tried the first one it hardly sleeps
Dont have flea its a waste of money
Dont have nyllon string
no trvth
Im 12 and a half lol

yoyoing upside down
1a chopsticks with a Big yo
2.5 hook with a wet, cotton string
4a in zero gravity
5a with a baseball as a counterweight
2 4a yoyos AT THE SAME TIME

I can get a minute of sleep off my Big Yo.
Mighty Flea? Think you’re awesome? The Flea will say “no you’re not, you gotta work on your game, boy!” That’s what I like about it. Waste of money? Not for me.
Nylon string? Sorry. Me neither. No monofilament either. Got lots of YYE 100% poly though.
4A on a TRVTH? Now that’s manly!

I tried yoyoing upside down. Didn’t work out so well. Hit myself in the face, dinged my yoyo, and then fell from the bar my legs were hanging on and smashed my head into the ground. yep, im awesome at yoyoing upside down. :smiley:

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Nice! Sounds fun!

Here’s my dare to all of you:

Just have fun!

It seems that some poeple are taking this simple hobby too seriously. Just have fun! ;D

I did 4A with the POPstar. I did pretty well. It didn’t bind though. >:(

I dare you to do plastic whip and brent stole on dead imperial ive done both plastic whip is easy but brent stole is a little harder on dead imperial.

Dare taken and accepted.

I work hard, I play hard. I’m serious about what I do for work, I’m serious about what I do for play.

But serious as in being uptight or humorless? No. This is all about fun! Every time I throw, I’m having fun.

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Thus the meaning of yoyoing :slight_smile:

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Yoyoing (YOE-yoe-ing)
AKA a hobby that stimulates awesomeness and is the official sport of celestial beings.

Copied from the dictionary of celestial AWESOMENESS lol.

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The Mighty Flea challenge has been killed. Awesome stuff.

Challenge ACCEPTED!..(when i began yoyoing a year ago ;D)
A major inspiration (in my opinion) to the fun-ness of yoyoing Drew Tetz

:o :o
He da Boss

And why would you mock gravity and try to yoyo upside down??? Cool dare

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I bet SEBASTIAN BROCK could do all this… In his sleep… While frozen in a block of ice.