Good throws for practice


Well where to start…

New to the yoyo thing (2 days in) a buddy loaded me a drop one project, been pretty diligent and seemed to make pretty good progress so far, I’ve got binding down, throws I can do; brain scrambler, plastic whip(with one handed bind), side mount, 1 1/2 side ect, trap brother and slack, Houdini mount.
I’m needing some good repeating throws not extremely challenging, when I watch the sick YouTube vids I’m still mind blown, but any pointers would be great! Looking at keeping my advancement at a steady upward pace!

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I’m confused when you say, “repeating throws”. Do you mean a yoyo that is responsive?

Also, it’s “One Drop”. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of yo. We will take care of you my friend.

Try matrix it’s really easy oh and try out the hawk repeating trick that one’s a little harder but try it out for size.

Ah yes one drop:) my yoyo terminology is poor to say the least, my repeating throws I mean perpetual string tricks, am I getting warmer? Maybe I should buy a book lol I’m at a loss of words to try and explain.

Oh, haha, repeating tricks. I guess that would make more sense! :smiley: Sorry, I guess I’m not with it tonight.

darn, you started with a Project and I would still love to get my hands on one… :smiley:

And they are called repeaters, an example would be the matrix or buddha’s revenge.

Thanks dif.

Dear god, all of that in 2 days… i got that much in 2 months :o

Matrix is a good trick for ya

I be honest I played my buddies summit, avalanche, and code 2, the project is at the bottom of the list IMO, I borrowed it because I figured if I can get consistent on this tiny thing then playing a full/regular sized would be a breeze, and for the most part I’m right. Words

Be diligent, I jumped right in and no looking back, I’m 27 so yoyos being cool are 20 years past, but I do enjoy the challenge!

What are you throwing? I don’t really care for the project too much, but then again what do I know.

The Project is a legend man! It is undersized, by today’s standards… I’m 28 man. There are plenty of older folks on here too.

Indeed, but its quite a pain to bind… Which makes for good practice, seems to be less stable than some of the others I’ve thrown. It’s a pain in the… Well you know, but its a real challenge an that’s what I like, the summit makes string tricks a lot easier IMO but what do I know I’m a newb.

Try Buddhas revenge, matrix, and skin the gerbil. Welcome to the community!

Skin of a gerbil you say? Haven’t seen that one before. Sounds intriguing.

2 days? Are you sure about that?

I know some people learn fast but for goodness’ sake…

Sorry to jack the thread, but . . . do you have a video for the hawk repeating trick?

yes I’m sure, my buddy seems quite impressed with what I have learned in the amount of time approx 20hrs, am I smooth nah ( but getting better :D) about a 50% fail rate probably looks like I’m skinning a gerbil for real, right now I’m just working on what I know with breaks in there of binding practice, he came over yesterday to bring me a few new strings (broke one :/) and tossed me velocity set to unresponsive and I plastic whipped it/ one handed bind, he was super pumped and wanted to learn it right away. Whew! Sorry I guess the novelty of yoyos hasn’t worn off yet.

Not sure, I have a trick* app. Is it in there?

A legend, discontinued, and my favorite yoyo. And I can’t get one now…