Good throws for practice

Try not to mention other online stores. It’s impolite.

Yoyoexpert has tons of tutorials from rock the baby to Ladder Escape.

Click the learn section and explore!

My apologies, was unaware… Humm yea, I’m not going to touch that with a 10’ pole but thanks for the heads up.

Hey welcome to the community! If you are worried about the project’s stability, maybe try to find a string centering bearing for it. This will keep the string from hitting the sides of the yoyo, making it more stable.

Ok that’s fair enough haha. I practiced for about 30 minutes a day when I started, so that’s about right for what I could do 20 hours in.

I’m pretty sure it’s on YouTube I’ll look it up sometime today.

Here’s the video oh buy the way this not me.

A good trick for you would be the Matrix. If you can do the Split-Bottom Mount, try out Split-the-Atom and Mach 5.

I checked the matrix out last night :smiley: haven’t tried it yet but doesn’t appear to be that tough, but you know how that goes, I already see ways to make it my own, well not really I’m sure someone has done it before and just not named it. Thanks for the help I will keep y’all posted with progress, maybe i’ll make some YouTube vids so y’all can see me cuss a yoyo lawl.

Just a bit of an update 8)

in my 2+ weeks of throwing I have added some tricks, list as follows
Trapeze and his brother slack.
Green trangle.
Chedda cheese (guacamole i loath you!).
Brain twister.
Mach 5.
Brent Stole.
Plastic whip/bind.
Barrel rolls.
A few binds to keep things interesteing.
A much faster way to wind up after failure.

Still having trouble with double or nothing which it what holds me back from the matrix (stupid stubby fingers and momentum issues)

a really cool one handed bind.

I had to take a break all last weekend do to what could have been tennis elbow LoL!

I seem to enjoy the slack and whip tricks the most.

I’m going to keep plugging away, Thanks for all who helped!

im quite jelly… I’ve been at this beautiful hobby for 7 months and still can’t do Brent stole

I learned boingy-boing pretty quickly, too. You’re one of the lucky ones! Some people take months or even years to grok the motion required. (mind you, those same people are often like, “Magic Drop? that was so easy!” when Magic Drop made me want to smash yoyos).

I looked for, but didn’t see this clarification:

A “throw” is a yoyo. It’s a noun. It’s not a trick. :wink: “I bought a nice throw today.”

Sorry for a late injection:

One Drop usually does a small run of the Project that is released around Thanksgiving, or least they have been in the past. I got one last year(2012) and I must say it was well worth it!

Back to the topic of the thread, without reading the whole thing:

Any yoyo you have is good for practice, provided it is in good working order. Certain yoyos will bring a degree of additional challenge to the table, while others will simply help re-inforce what you’re working on.

At the moment, I’m using the project, a summit and a fools gold glacier express, since my last post I’ve added ninja vanish and the trap brother and slack ending in a GT to my line up, still working on the double or nothing, I’ve almost got it down, but not quite enough for me to tell myself “I’ve got it” but almost, my key is when I’m practicing something new to take a break and run through all the tricks I know, so I don’t forget what I have already learned.

LoL! I find mocking the yoyo with mild amounts of profanity helps whip it into shape. I still mainly use the project ( i feel it’s the most challenging) then break out the summit or glacier express to get things to a more fluid motion.