The Gnometrooper by Mile High YoYo Club Marches Its Way To YYE!


In September 2022, during Dave’s recovery from a severe heel injury, he discussed with his friend Nathan the characteristics of an ideal yoyo design that surprisingly seemed nonexistent - an undersized organic D-bearing yoyo with a schmoove groove in the response, a thumb grind lip, and a hub suitable for perfect long fingerspins.

Blue-Purple-Black-Silver-Gnome-trooper Blue-Purple-Black-Silver-Gnome-trooper-02 Blue-Purple-Black-Silver-Gnome-trooper-03

Additional requirements included artwork from John Higby mirroring the club logo Mile High Yoyo Club) and design assistance from Patrick Dressel @hobbygod The project, named “The Gnome,” progressed smoothly after receiving positive responses from John and Patrick.


Despite minor adjustments needed for the fingerspin dimple in the prototypes, the final result aligned perfectly with Dave’s vision, showcasing a club yoyo crafted from 7068 Aluminum, featuring an undercut rim for enhanced spin time and stability, a stylized schmoove in the response area, and a fingerspin-friendly dimple. As a nod to Dave’s Stormtrooper hobby with the 501st Legion, the “Gnometrooper” variation was also introduced.

The amazing Gnome Trooper artwork was done by Nathan Bottcher aka @yoyoretro on our YYE Forums! - Hi Nathan! :slight_smile:


Been waiting for this and being d bearing it’s a no brainer for me. Looking forward to try this. :hugs:


Shocked that this can have those engravings, but this is super sick-looking!


Definitely tricks a lot of boxes :star_struck:

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I’m surprised as well. It seems as though the actual design of the Tie Fighter is trademarked.

Better get one before the cease and desist! :joy:

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Haha! Yeah since this was a small run and issues of parody come into play we figured the sales would be over before George Lucas knocked on my door.

These are the last that will be made and has been the most popular version of The Gnome to date so snag one while you can! We are SUPER excited to be able to see them listed on our favorite yoyo site!!!

Thanks again to @AndreBoulay for the love!


Got mine :grinning:

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Wait…just seeing this. did it sell out already?!?


I’m hoping not! Unless they sold out in less than an hour…

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looks amazing, hope they didnt sell out already :(((


When I checked earlier there were 4 so I think they sold out…


Sorry guys YYE had my last 10 and they went FAST!

If you missed out but need a Gnome keep eyes on milehighyoyo insta I have a nickel plated drop right around the corner with a preorder list forming. And another cheeky take on pop culture just around the corner after that - GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

Thanks for all the love and if you come through Colorado make sure to visit our club!


I have a handful of nickel plated Gnomes now available to the public DM for info


I have to say I don’t normally go for organics these days but this throw is comfy! Feels great in the hand and the D bearing is fun to play on. Adding the amazing engravings and you just got a great throw to carry around and have fun with.


Thanks!!! A couple more runs left and this little guy is taking a bow. If you don’t have one yet watch @milehighyoyo insta for details on the retirement runs.


I need a copper plated one, now. See what it looks like with a wicked patina.


I did try to find copper plating source with no luck. That’s another fantastic finish.

I guarantee people are gonna love what I have up my sleeve. We plan to go out with a bang.