YoYo WorkShop - Tornad-Yo v.2


YYE Forum Members,

This is YoYo Workshop. New Jersey and Connecticut residents Wayne Ryan & Dave Albano, who are two lifetime friends and long time mechanical engineers, have designed their first 6061 T6 Aluminum yoyo. Prepare to throw down long and hard with ‘The Tornad-Yo’ !!!

The Tornad-Yo is a mid-sized, high-wall, uniquely-shaped yoyo designed to spin long and stable. Production on prototype models has already begun. YYE Forum member England1414 will be anodizing these for us, and we’ll even take custom anodizing orders. We expect that the prototype run will be ready for packaging and distribution during the first week of March 2014. Keep an eye out.

The prototype run of The Tornad-Yo will be limited to 10 yoyos.

Below, please find the specs and CAD pictures of The Tornad-Yo:

Diameter – 54.54mm (2.15 in)
Width – 43.35mm (1.71 in)
Weight – 65.64g
Response - 21mm Custom Pads (flowable silicone for prototype run)
Axle - 10 mm Set Screw (drill_tap: 3.30mm).
Bearing - .250 X .500 X .187 Flat Bearings
Material - 6061 T6 Aluminum (prototypes may be raw)


Definitely something you don’t see everyday. Reminds me of a Lesula


Yeah, it kind of does…a little bit :wink:
You like, man?


This thing looks bizarre and super fun , I really want to try it out. Can’t wait till it’s actually machined. Good luck guys!


We’re good with bizarre! Haha! Glad you like!
Want us to shoot you some correspondence when it’s ready to go?


Yea that would be awesome!




Bizarre is always good. Seems like you’ve correctly identified there will be a small niche market for yoyos like this. I think I speak for a few people when I say I’m surprised and curious about the choice to go high-wall in a market that has brainwashed people into a “no-wall or die!” mentality. What about high-wall made it the right choice for the Tornad-Yo?


Hey Greg.
We feel that all “no wall or die” is…is brainwash! In this instance, the wall makes sense mathmatically. Other than that, the first (and second, and third) iteration of this model had a more flowing…wall-free…organic shape. Each of those was sub-par, in our opinion. The math just didn’t make sense.

Wall or no wall, we’re confident that this yoyo will perform up there with the best of them. Hopefully, you’ll agree too :wink:



Waaaiiiiittt, Connecticut?! Which part are you from? If you’re close to me, you could get them powder coated too :slight_smile:


Right in between Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun :wink:


That’s about an hour away from where I live, but my Grandma actually works at Mohegan Sun lol


Just curious, how high are the sidewalls? I know they’re mathematically more stable than yoyos without them, but it makes the string slide against the walls when its tilting.


While it’s not something I would most likely buy I definitely want to try one.


I personally hate the design but the best of luck to both of you. I always like seeing new manufacturers.




Painful? A tornado is a destructive vortex of violent, rotating winds. To us, if a tornado is painful - the Tornad-Yo should be equally as painful :stuck_out_tongue:. Joking…of course.

To all that inquire about “the wall”, it looks ‘higher’ in the drawing (due to the angle) than it actually is. The wall itself sits just 1.82mm above the leading edge. Due to the angular shape leading up to the wall, friction will not be an overbearing issue (and if it turns out to be - we’ll fix it in prototype #2)

In a few weeks, when they arrive - we’ll post actual pictures for all to see. If the wall is THAT big of a deterrent for people, then we’ll remove it on prototype #2. We’ve got the money to make this project right - no matter how many tries it takes.

We’re experimenting - and want to share out experimentation with the yoyo community. We’re trying something unique and different. Time will tell guys! Thanks for taking the time to read!

-Wayne and Dave


So when do you guys think I’ll be able to try one of these? Do you guys have any other yoyo designs?


Now this is what makes a good company.
You need money to make money and that’s where most of the start-ups are going wrong.

I wish all the best to you guys. Good luck.


Thanks man! Maybe our second release will appeal to your “design-savvyness”! :slight_smile: