The first yo-yo you ever ordered?

So what was the first yo-yo you ever ordered online? Mine was a yoyojam orange kickside that I was completely insane for. Of couse, now a days it is rusted together so it doesn’t come apart and the bearing is also rusted together to it but that besides the point. What ever happened to your first yoyo you ordered? Do you still have it? Did you lose it?And what was your first metal?

mine was a blue whip and i gave it to my sister

mine was a black/green PGM.

My first ordered yoyo was an all black yoyojam Legacy. unfortunately, it got scammed, but oh well. I still have 3 legacy’s, and even a legacy 2

I think it was an old saber raider from dixies yoyos back when they were still around.

Who would scam a legacy

People with no hearts
and obviously dosen’t care about yoyo’s or the sport of it.

protostar (Blue)

DM original version, still have it and play it…been almost two years now…have to make a two year video, hehe.


a dm2…after about 10 duncan mosquito’s…those were the yoyo’s to have at school when I first started to throw…

Mine was an orange original Legacy. I was about to get a Speed Maker, but then my mom let me get a Legacy. I don’t have it anymore, I traded it to my friend, wo then traded it to his friend, who of which I don’t know. I wish I still had it though. :-\

a yomega dash
then a yomega hotshot
then a yomega maverick
then a dm2
then a protostar
then a big yo
then a supernova lite
then a starlite
then a dang
the last two came today!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Crucial Half & Half.

Man, was I excited!!!

Mine was a Dark Magic II. Now I have 9 Dark Magics in total (7 Dark Magic 1s and 2 Dark Magic 2s)

my first ordered yoyo was a flying squirrel. good yoyo, especially when all i had was an imperial.

A translucent blue dark magic II

Dif Tank

A YYJ dark magic 2 back in may from Yoyoexpert!! There isn’t a Brick and mortar store within a hundred miles of here. Im so glad i bought that yoyo.

Cheesy but true: FAST 201

first yoyo … ordered from right here back in october 09

here is what i ordered … still saved in my inbox!!!

4 5 Pack of Yo-Yo String (Multicolor 100% Poly)EXP_STRING-10 6.00 1 Center Trac Bearing (Size C - Large Bearing)YYF_CTB-1 10.99
1 YYJ Lube (Thin Lube (Less Response)) YYJ_Thin 5.00 1 YYJ New Breed (Black) YYJ_NB_BK 40.80